01 March 2010

Just in the Knick of Time

I will tell you that I was starting to panic. The Closing Ceremonies were going along faster than I expected!  As were the Knitting Olympics!  I had sewn down the collar, sewn in the arm holes, and wove in all my ends, but I still had to take a picture and post it!  I couldn’t find the right place to post the finish line details, I couldn’t remember how to post pictures to Ravelry without my Flickr program. For a few minutes there I was in serious panic mode. All those hours of work and I was going to miss out by mere minutes!!!  (Not that I still wouldn’t have a beautiful sweater, but………)

Then I took a deep breath, calmed down and got the post ready to send. The flame was being extinguished as I posted!!  I did check later and I was there at the list of people who made it to the finish line!

Here it is:  Blueberry Sweater lounging out on our deck.  This picture shows the truest colour.


And just because I need to show it off, here are a couple more pictures out on the deck!  The hanging one shows the pattern a little bit better.  It is a knit 3 rows, purl 1 row repeat. And you can see the raglan sleeves better as well. The whole sweater was done in the round so it did become seriously boring!  But the up side is there was very little to sew up when I was finished!

BlueberrrySweaaterLoungeBlueberry SweaterHanging

Somebody please remind me not to choose a sweater as my project for the next Knitting Olympics!  This is my second one and both went right down to the wire!!  Here is the post re the first sweater. Socks next time maybe?

Now I am going to finish the Clapotis shawl I started for Shannon before the Olympics.



lexa said...

Love the sweater, and I love the view from your deck!! You must post some nice Forida pictures to perk us up in grey, drab, flooded NS. (Although he parking is pretty much dried up now, and there is some blue sky out there!)

lexa said...

I hate this keyboard -- that should be Florida, of course!

A Crafty Mom said...

The sweater is gorgeous and I'm with Sheri - I like the view from the deck!!! Both are beautiful! So glad you got the sweater done in time - you really like to live life on the edge :)

Frieda said...

Oh so beautiful! And I'm not talking about the view ,though it sure beats what I'm looking at , I love the shadings in the colour of the yarn . Nicely one !

Hip Mountain Mama said...

Hi! It's Suzy, Deb and John's daughter. My mom told me about Shannon's blog and I found you through it. I am so excited to find another crafty blogger! My blog is mostly about my business, but I do add a few crafts in from time to time!
I look forward to following your blog!
Love the sweater!!


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