06 March 2010

Enough Already

It has been cold since we arrived here in sunny Florida!  Cold up and down the Gulf coast.  13C degrees cold.  54F degrees cold.  Certainly not beach weather or sitting out on our balcony checking out the view weather! At least today it is sunny!!  And supposed to warm up over the weekend. But when we got home from dinner tonight it was really coooooold! 11!

Our friends arrived from Texas on Tuesday.  He has a bad back and is really having a miserable time of it.  He’s ok walking and laying down, but sitting and getting up from sitting are a real pain!  And DH’s neck is getting better but not better enough to play golf!  So our trip to visit friends in Port Charlotte has now been cancelled. We are, however, still meeting our Sarasota friends for dinner Sunday evening and then home to watch the Oscars!

I have started the decrease portion of my latest Clapotis and hope to finish it in the next day or so.  Then it is a toss up between the baby blanket or socks!  Maybe I will try to find a yarn store around here.  I know there is one 1/2 hour away that is very nice. I’m sure I’ll get there eventually! :))

Not much else going on here. I could do a brief rant on the fact that my iPhone is still not working, but someone thinks I do too many rants on my blog, so I will simply mention that the @*!#$&*! thing is still not working as a phone!  What I have instead is a very expensive iTouch! Totally sucks!


Anonymous said...

You can rant to me anytime. Your true blog friends understand and will listen! My SIL lives in Punta Gorda but this is her first year down there so she isn't used to warmth yet.

lexa said...

Too bad the weather isn't nicer for you. It's gorgeous here today -- sunny and mild, I've got two windows open and clothes on the line.


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