28 February 2010

Here at last, here at last!

No disrespect intended to Martin Luther King with my heading, but, this could possibly have been the worst drive we have ever undertaken. Not that I think it was doomed from the start, but boy oh boy did things go wrong!

We had planned to head out early on the morning of the 23rd of February. However, potential storms changed the plans so that we were going to leave late afternoon on the 22nd. ( I had an appointment that afternoon, hence the timing.) I got home and was ready to go by about 3:45. John, however, was on the lookout for Miss Maggie. He had taken her for a walk and she, knowing something was up, decided to take off for a run. And run she did! 2 and 1/2 hours later she returned and we finally got in the car to set out at 5:15!

John drove the first 10 minutes and then admitted that his sore neck was too painful for him to drive. ( He had been to the doc the day before and told it was a pulled muscle, use hot packs and Advil.) So I drove to Moncton where John was up half the night with excruciating neck pain. (Please note the fact that at no time have I ever referred to DH as a pain in the neck!) Up the next morning and call our SIL in Saint John for advice. He recommends going into Sussex, which has a small hospital where we might get seen without too much of a wait! Not to be……… 3 hour wait time. So SIL gets John an appointment with his family doc for 12 noon. They go to the appointment, I wander around the mall. John gets seen, told it is a muscle/joint thing, gets a muscle relaxant and we are on our way again. We arrived in Portland Maine about 6 and settled down for the night in front of the tv and the weather channel. The northeast US is about to get hit by a huge winter storm. After hours of listening and watching forecasts, etc., we decide to take I95 the whole way down to Florida, rather than go inland through Pennsylvania, which was going to get pounded with snow.

Long story short (if that is possible), we leave Portland in pouring rain and don’t hit snow till we get over the George Washington Bridge in New York ( we got lost) and into New Jersey. Whilst we were in Connecticut my SIM card in my iPhone died. So we stopped at an AT&T store to get that fixed. Guess what? You can only get replacement SIM cards for a Bell Mobility phone in Canada!!!!! So I had to buy a Go Phone to get me through the rest of the trip. ( Very unhappy and cranky as I was using my iPhone to keep up to date on the Olympics in the US ). Moving on, we finally stopped a hotel outside of Philly for the night. We slept like logs, got up, drove in snow for a couple of hours and then ran out of it for good! We got to southern South Carolina that night and headed out for the last leg of our trip.

We arrived here last evening around 5 and we were exhausted!! Wiped! Done in! I don’t think we will drive again. I am fairly confident that I won’t drive again! In fact, I am almost positive I will never drive here again!

I didn’t get as much knitting done on the drive done, but I think between the hockey game this afternoon and the closing ceremonies tonight, I WILL FINISH!! So off I go to knit!


Heddy said...

Sounds terrible - but, the trip can only get better from here, eh?

I hope you have a great holiday, and enjoy the sunshine (it is raining a torrent here).

lexa said...

Quite the turmoil to get there, but at least you did in one piece!

Can't wait to see your Gold Medal Sweater. Going back to watch the last six minutes of the hockey game. I will miss watching the Olymics, but I will be glad to get back to some of my regular tv shows that are on hiatus! (At least they switched to CTV and didn't disrupt Coronation Street, as was always the case when CBC carried it.)

Frieda said...

Sounds horrific , glad you got there in one piece ! Enjoy your holiday ...


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