25 January 2010

Happy Robbie Burns Day

Can you believe it is the 25th of January already?  Seems like just last week we were celebrating the New Year!! The time is seriously flying by and before we know it, we will be off to Florida!  I can see my husband smiling with glee at the thought.

We are not attending any Robbie Burns festivities today, as they all happened on the weekend here and we were busy with other engagements.  I think maybe we will have some Scottish salmon tonight for dinner!

The Australian Open is on this week and I have been avoiding sporting results on the Internet and radio so I don’t find out who wins. That way when they show the replays on TV it is all a big surprise to me.  In fact, last night I taped the Federer/ Hewitt match and so I can watch it this morning!!!  Go Federer!

In knitting news, I finished my Ebony & Ivory socks and will have them in the mail to Shannon today. Ebony&IvoryDSC02759 Also being mailed with the socks is this shawl. ( I had lent it to the yarn shop as a display and then forgot about it until I was there a couple of days ago. )  ShawlFullSpread-1 





I decided to give it to Shan because it is smallish and with the shoulder shaping, doesn’t fit me the way I would like.  Plus she wanted a shawl to wear in the summer when they go to air conditioned places for weddings or whatever.  So it will go to a good home.

With the socks finished, I started another Clapotis shawl using this yarn:ClapotisEncoreDSC02757_edited-1

I have lots of yarn so I will make it wider than the first one I did. I think it should turn out beautifully and looks like it will drape nicely.

I bought some pink yarn at Have A Yarn the other day to knit pink socks for the February KALs.  So between the socks and the shawl, I should have enough to keep me busy till the Olympics begin and I can start the sweater event!

Today will be a definite mailing day as I am sending the slippers for Lauren and her MIL to Saint John and in another parcel will send the slippers I made for my sister and her DH.  I had kept them here as they thought their house had sold and they would be home this month, but alas, the sale fell through.  So I figure if I go to all the trouble to mail them, then surely someone will buy their house!! Never fails!

So I am off to do up my parcels and get the laundry going and then sit and knit and watch my Roger!


lexa said...

Your girls sure do benefit from your knitting, especially Shannon! lol! Love the socks, too, btw.

I am still undecided on my Ravelympics project. I'm strongly leaning towards a shawl, but I've got yarn in the stash for a cardigan for me as well. Hmmmm. I'm sure I'll decide last minute. I should really do the shawl as I need that by March 20 or so as it's a gift.

Frieda said...

Very nice socks ! You're really knitting up a storm ...

I have 2 projects on the needles rght now , but Jessey has been sick again , consequently I've not had much knitting time . I also don't know what my Ravelympics project will be . I'm thinking a shawl or possibly mittens . I'm trying to use up stash and get some gift knitting done.


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