09 January 2010

First, but not the Last!

I finished my Clapotis and soaked and blocked it and I am sooooo in love with this project. The colour is pretty accurate, maybe a bit richer in real life, and the way it drapes is amazing!! I only wish this was in my colours, but as it is not it is going to be a Christmas gift and I know exactly who will be getting it! This gorgeous creation will be the perfect colours for her!!

ClapotisF1DSC02677_edited-1 ClapotisF4DSC02680_edited-1 ClapotisF3DSC02679_edited-1ClapotisF2DSC02678_edited-1

I bought a second skein of this yarn and didn’t need it, but I don’t think I want to knit anything else with these colours. So I may offer it to one of my KN ladies, or get my daughter to exchange it for a different colour at the store in Saint John. I really love this yarn!

I am guessing there may be more of these in my future. In fact, I bought some yarn last summer to knit a shawl for Shannon in white. Guess what she may be getting?

And I am using it as my project for the Ravelympics. I have joined Team Canada and will be entered in the Short Track Shawl event! I will be knitting like a fiend! This yarn is DK where the Blue Heron is worsted and I plan on making it wider than the first. So it will take longer to knit than this did. The project must be cast on during the opening ceremonies and must be completed by the end of the closing ceremonies. I am a huge fan of the Olympics and the fact that they are in Canada is really exciting!! Go Canada!


Mary Anne said...

This is a beautiful Clapotis! I love the colours and the finished scarf.

lexa said...

It's gorgeous! And as much as it would be great to be the recipient of the extra skein, I am going to be honest! I think you should get it exchanged to a "you" color and make yourself one!

A Crafty Mom said...

It is really, really beautiful!! Amazing :) And you joined Ravelympics - why am I just not surprised?? Hope you do well, I will be cheering you on!

Heddy said...

Donna - that is stunning!

I agree with Lexa - if you love the yarn, but not the colour, save it and get it exchanged for a pretty blue and make something wonderful for you!!


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