23 January 2010

20 More Days

The Vancouver Winter Olympics are rapidly approaching (20 more days) and I am trying to decide what project to do for the Ravelymics. ( For non Ravelry members, this is a fun thing. You cast on at the Opening Ceremonies, and must have your project finished by the closing ceremony.) There are many, many different teams on Ravelry, and so I decided to join, what else, Team Canada!

And here is the ravatar I will be using till the end of the Olympics:


At first I was going to to enter the Short Track Shawl event, as I was going to knit another Clapotis shawl in white. But I really want to start that sooner rather than later. Then I thought about a sweater for Shannon that I had started last fall and then decided that it was maybe too big, so it got put in the hibernating cave. I could do the WIP Dancing event! ( This is a work in progress that hasn’t been touched for at least a month.) With this in mind, I got Shan to measure a couple of her sweaters that she really likes, and that way I could get a better feel for size. Hers measured about 20 inches at the bottom. So when I got home I measured the one I had started and it was a good 20 inches and would probably stretch a bit. Now what to do? Keep going with this sweater that is more than likely going to be a bit on the large size, or rip it out and start over? This time in the Sweaterboard Cross event. I only have about 4 or 5 inches done on the sweater so it wouldn’t be a huge hassle. Then I thought about the Sock Hockey event, ( I certainly have had lots of practise in that one and I am going to knit a pair of pink socks in February), but I think a whole sweater in 17 days is more of a challenge.

BlueberryCloseup-1OK, I have decided. Rip it out and start over as a new sweater. I will be entering the Sweaterboard Cross event!

Two more pair of clogs are knit, felted, needle felted and ready to go in the mail! These are for Lauren and her MIL respectively.

ClogsLauren ClogsBarbADSC02755

The colour in Lauren’s is a periwinkle, which isn’t showing up so well in the picture. The other one is pretty accurate!

Now I must go and do some workouts to get in shape for my event. Rip sweater out, finish second black and white sock, start white shawl………..

FYI All of these projects are for Shannon. How odd is that?!


lexa said...

I am not sure yet what I am going to do for the Ravelympics. I am leaning towards a shawl, but I guess I still have a bit of time before I have to decide.

Love your slippers! You've got to show me how you do your needle felting.

Landerson said...

My cold toes thank you!!!! They look great:) And best of luck with the Ravelympics!


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