01 February 2010

My How Time Flies

When you’re having fun!  No post for a week!  What can I say but that I love tennis and the Australian Open was on for the past two weeks.  And so, living in Nova Scotia and 15 hours behind the host country of Australia, I was forced to record the games! ( I actually only did this for week 2. )  I would then get up every morning and before checking the computer or turning on the radio, I would sit down and watch the tennis, zipping through the ads and other crap boring commentaries.  Yesterday was a great day for me and my Roger!  He played very well and he beat that whiny little Andy Murray in three sets. ( So sorry to all the Brits out there! Lost again! Just remember though, the Boston Red Sox did win the World Series after an 86 year drought.)  The third set went to an exciting tie break, but Roger pulled it off!!!  The man is amazing on the tennis court.  He glides around with seemingly no effort and pulls off incredible shots.  Congratulations Roger!  Looking forward to seeing you at the French Open in May!

The weather has been bitterly cold here the past few days. Minus 14 C yesterday!!  I took the dogs out for their after dinner walk last evening and had to come home early as they were dancing around on 3 feet!  Too cold to have all four in the snow at once! But it is sunny and not windy and really quite tolerable.  I am one of those truly weird people who actually like the cold weather and the whole winter season!!  So why you might ask, are you heading out to Florida in a few weeks?  Because my husband hates winter and loves golf!  Nuff said.

Today being the first day of February, I am starting a new pair of socks for my KALs.  GlynisinPinkDSC02776 Shannon wanted some pink socks and they are the colour of the month for the Solid Colour Socks KAL.  I am going to do them in this Cookie A pattern, which then qualifies them for another KAL.




This is the project I am working in as a filler. 
EncoreClapotisDSC02777I started this when I finished the Ivory & Ebony socks for Shan.  (They fit BTW, and she loved them!  She also loved the Faroese Flower shawl. I mean, duh, who wouldn’t?)

It is another Clapotis and while it isn’t as gorgeous as the first one, it will be perfect as a summer shawl.  Knit in a cotton bamboo blend rather than the drop dead gorgeous Blue Heron Rayon Metallic.

Once the socks are finished, I will get back to this and work on it until it is time to start my Olympic event!


The ever popular and well known Sweaterboard Cross event which starts at the moment the opening ceremonies begin!  I spent about 1/2 hour yesterday balling up all six skeins so that I would be totally prepared and in maximum condition to start my event.  I am hoping to peak during this event and finish before we head out to Florida on the 24th.  Otherwise I will be taking it in the car with me and John might be doing all the driving!

I must go now and get ready to take the dogs for a walk!

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lexa said...

Pretty pink socks! Shan has lucky feet. I am all signed up for the Short Track Shawl event, and I think my project qualifies for four events (Lace Luge, Single Skein Speed Skate, Short Track Shawl, and Stash Compulsory Dance).

I don't mind the cold if it isn't windy, but the wind chill goes right through me, can't stand it.


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