03 February 2009

Gimme a Break

I cannot believe it!! It is freaking snowing again! Again! Not like we haven't had enough snow this winter. And it wasn't even supposed to start till noon. Freezing rain, snow, rain what a mess! OK! I'll say "uncle". Me who loves winter and snow has just about had enough of this crappy weather.

But on the positive side, it gives me a day to stay home and knit. Right? Wrong. We are having 30 people for dinner on Friday night and I have to clean and tidy and neaten things up. Yesterday I did the closet in the entryway which was so full of stuff you could hardly put another thing there. Remember this issue? All that stuff ended up in front closet. So that was a big job done. Today I shall clean up my knitting nook, where I have books, yarn, project bags, etc. By the time I finish, that should free up some more space. Our party is going to be a buffet, so we need lots of room for people to sit. Then it is time to pay bills. Yuck.

A quick Gunni note: I received a lovely Eddie Bauer throw for Christmas last year. It is a silky type fabric on one side and almost sheepskin like on the other. I love wrapping it around me on cold winter days. When I get up, I toss it to the floor beside the chair. Then one time when I came back, Master Gunni was quite comfortably ensconced on my blanket and just looked so darn cute I didn't have the heart to move him. Guess who has the blanket now? It isn't me.

As you can see, he is snugged in between Maggie's love seat and my LazyBoy chair just like a bug in a rug and as happy as can be. Whenever he doesn't want to go out for a walk, or get in his crate, or whatever, he runs in there and does his dead dog act. You know the one. He goes totally limp and weighs twice what he normally weighs. Unfortunately for him, that is just not enough to keep us from scooping him up and out of there. He only weighs 18 pounds to start with. If you can't find him, just look on the blanket and he is sure to be there. So now he has the throw and I don't.

And last but not least, some knitting progress. Having finished the "OMG That is the cutest thing I have ever seen!" baby shower gift, I am now starting a pair of socks. They are called Brigit, another cable pattern just to prove to myself that I still can do cables after the Hourglass failure. They are knit in the Tanis fingering yarn and the colourway is called Lagoon. How drop dead gorgeous are these going to be?


lexa said...

Look at that dear little face, how could you not let him have that blankie?!

It shouldn't take you all day to do your tidying and bill paying. You'll get to sit back and relax this evening in front of the fire and knit.

Love the new socks! I'm itching to start a cabled pair of socks. Gotta get my secret knitting done first, though. :)

Heddy said...

who'd have though when the groundhog predicted 6 more weeks of winter yesterday, that he meant all 6 weeks of it TODAY!! Wow! what a lot of snow ... and a slippery wet mess! They actually shut down my work at 1 p.m. today because the road conditions were that bad -- I've been ther nearly 5 years and they have never shut us down in the middle of the day before.

That little dog is so cute ... no wonder he gets the blanket!

I can't wait to see the baby knitting (I bet it is the cutest thing ever!), and love the new socks. Funny though for you to knit blue socks -- I guess you must be trying new things !

Good luck with your party on Friday -- you are brave (30 people! wow!)

Frieda said...

Ah ,for a dogs life ! Don't we just spoil them rotten ;).

Love the socks so far , that's a beautiful blue !


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