05 February 2009

Flying Socks

Yup, the old socks are just flying along the needles now. I am doing another cable pattern and having no problem with it at all. Unlike the Hourglass socks which were driving me mad and as a result, ended up in the frog pond! This one is coming along quickly even though I am using a cable needle. I have tried the no cable needle method and am not happy with the results, so I am back to using the cable needle.

You may notice tulips in these pictures. We are having a party tomorrow night and I wanted to have the feeling of spring is in the air. So tadah! Tulips!

Yesterday when I was killing time, er browsing through Ravelry, I saw this pair of socks and they just called out to me. They are called Ribbon of Hope and the cost of the pattern goes toward cancer research. Having recently lost 2 dear friends to cancer, one to breast cancer, I really wanted to knit them. And because they are pink they qualify for the Solids/semi-solid KAL that I skipped the last 2 months because I didn't like the colours and was tied up with other projects. So today when I went to Bridgewater to pick up the dogs at the groomers, I took a quick detour to Mahone Bay and picked up this Tanis sock yarn in the SweetHeart colourway!

Now I am off to get the nibblies, flowers, tables etc ready for tomorrow night. We are having the dinner catered by a local caterer, Mitchell Williams from Alimento, who does an amazing job. We are having too many people for me to cook for, so we tried this last year and we had the pasta buffet which was a huge success. This time we are going with Asian salad and curried chicken. I can only imagine how good that will be! Updates next week when I have recovered. Why not till then you might ask? Because on Sunday I am having a wedding shower for a dear friend's daughter and I expect to be tired! And that is it for entertaining until we get home from Florida!!

I might even get some sock knitting in tonight. I would love to get the pink ones on the needles!

ETA: A picture of the finished Noro Scarf which is so warm and cuddly. I soaked it in Eucalan and it softened up beautifully. I was surprised as I find the Noro Silk Garden can be scratchy. I also picked up 4 skeins of Mille Colori to do another Noro Scarf! Road trip knitting.


lexa said...

The pink socks are going to be gorgeous. That's an unusual sock color for you to use, but it's definitely what is needed for that pattern! The other socks and the scarf look great as well.

Good luck with the party tomorrow night. It must be a big relief to have it catered and not have to worry about all that cooking and clean up. :)

Frieda said...

Whew ! You're making me tired just reading about what you've got going on for the next few days. Great idea to have your Friday event catered .

Love your socks in progress , I must have a look at that pattern . I like your still life photo with the pink Tanis yarn , very shades of spring .

Landerson said...

The socks look great. And I love the gratuitous tulip shots:) Can't wait to hear how the party goes!


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