16 June 2008

What's that in the Closet?

Well do I have a story for you!

We have an old house and it is built on a stone foundation with just crawlspaces under much of the house. As a result, we tend to get mice. Field mice. Little ones. Not rats. Not great big mice. Just tiny little wee field mice. Because of that, we usually leave a mouse trap set in one of the places they tend to get in and where the dog can't get into the trap, which is in our downstairs closet. In the den. About 6 feet from my computer desk. Where I was sitting this afternoon, diligently finishing off John's books and feeling very proud of myself. All of sudden ..... thump, bang, crash! I thought Mags was doing something strange, but no; she was focused on the closet. Really focused! She charged it and sniffed at it and went crazy! So I said to myself " Ahah! Another one bites the dust!" and promptly went out to meet my friend for dinner. Because that's what I do. I don't empty mouse traps. I don't do dead animals. I was a nurse my whole adult life and dealt with dead people, but I don't do dead animals! So off I go leaving this mouse trap for John to deal with when he gets home from his meeting.

My friend and I had a lovely dinner and talked and laughed and really enjoyed ourselves. I came home a few hours later, having completely forgotten about the mouse trap. That's an age thing I think. Or maybe just my way of avoiding unpleasant things and situations.

John arrived home a little bit later and found the note I left him, saying that I think there is something dead in the closet. So he went to investigate whilst I held Mags out of the way. Well. He opened the door, gasped, cursed, slammed the door shut and said, " I think it is a *&%$@!*ing snake!" So he got a flashlight and looked in again, confirmed that it was indeed a snake and slammed the door shut again. It was at this point I grabbed Maggie and headed upstairs! Someone had to keep her out of the way, for heaven's sake! She would be totally in the middle of trying to help getting it out of the house!

Now, I must confess, that I felt terrible leaving John to cope with this all by himself. Especially knowing how much he HATES snakes. But as I said before, I don't do dead animals and particularly dead SNAKES! Next thing I hear him out in the barn getting a shovel of some sort to pick the whole thing, snake and trap. Eweh! Ick! A couple of minutes later he is back in the house, minus the snake. Which I must add, was still alive! Eweh again! It was a garter snake and slithered off into the woods when John opened the trap. Apparently they are too skinny to die in a trap, but long enough to get caught in one! Ick! Skin crawling! Eweh!

So John is definitely the Man of the Year at our house today!


Shannon said...

OMG you have to be kidding me. Sometimes I think there are more animals in that house than humans. Lauren would have lost her mind, she hates snakes like dad does. Good thing it wasn't a bat ;-)

Anonymous said...

I can deal with mice. I can even remove the dead ones, but dead or alive, I cannot deal with snakes! My fear is that they will crawl into my house and now that fear is awakened!! Sounds like your Mags would have protected you from the big bad Garden Snake if it had not got into the trap.....Good Dog! Good Husband!

Frieda said...

OMG, gives me the heebie jeebies just reading about it . Max and Stef have some garter snakes that seem to have their home in the garden , right near the foundation. Sends me running everytime I see it/them . I absolutely can't stand snakes !

Marti said...

What a story...I hope one doesn't find it's way into our house at some point, though we did have one in our well last year. I'd be the one to deal with the snake, I know it. They startle me at first, when I first come upon them, but if they're just little wee, I can handle it. And they're kinda fun to handle...now dead fish on the other hand...don't even get me started.

lexa said...

Remind me to stay well away from your closet when we come out to Knit Nite! I don't mind much except for spiders, wood ticks, earwigs and most other creepy crawlies. I don't even mind snakes really. (Not that I'd ever want one in my closet, mind you.)

My dad has an extreme hatred for rats. He doesn't mind mice, but rats are like his nemesis. I'll never forget one winter when I still lived at home, back when Dad still had guns. All of a sudden he started ranting and raving, swearing like a sailor, "Where's my gun!? Where's my gun?!" I thought for sure someone was stealing his truck. There was a rat out in the driveway jumping from one footprint to another in the snow. By the time he found the shotgun shells the rat was long gone. It was quite a commotion!

Dorothy said...

What a man!!!
My hubby carried a snake across the road from our house and let it go last night ... I would have killed it. I chased one with the lawnmower earlier in the day ... but didn't get it.
Can't stand snakes, and we have at least 3 of them in our backyard!

Landerson said...

Well that's it, I won't be coming for a visit this summer until you can confirm NO MORE SNAKES! Eeeewwwww! Good job Dad!


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