31 January 2009

And the winner is.......Nadal!

I am not usually a morning person but was up and in front of my TV this morning to watch the Federer-Nadal match which came on at 4:30 our time. Thank heaven for the DVR. Obviously I am watching it on the DVR and zipping through the ads. I was hoping for Roger. I would like to see him tie Pete Samprass' record. Nadal is young and has lots of wins in in his future. However that was not to be. Nadal won in 5 sets and I was exhausted by the end of it. I do think that Roger could have won, he made lots of errors and also had so many break points that he didn't convert, so he definitely had his chances. Anyway, it was a great match and now we have to wait till May and the French Open.

I am working on my Noro scarf which I hope to finish today. Then I am starting a pair of socks for the KAL. I ended up frogging both my December and January socks, so my goal for this month is just to get this pair of socks finished. They are called Brigit and the designer is Gigi Silva, who recently died from lupus. They are quite intricate but look gorgeous in the pictures so I really hope to get them finished. Not usually a problem for me till the last couple of months.

It is Super Bowl Sunday and my friend and I are going to the new Renee Z movie, New in Town. It looks very funny and one the guys wouldn't like anyway, so it is a win/win situation for all! They get to watch the Super Bowl, and I don't have to!!

Not much else going on here today. I am off to lunch.

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Frieda said...

I watched the match at the crack of dawn . It was definitely a nail bitter . Nadal is just so strong mentally as well as having a terrific physical game . I wasn't surprised that he won but I was rooting for Federer to tie the record .

The kids were here for the Super Bowl, it's tradition . When you're the momm of boys you kind've go with the flow ; can't beat 'em join 'em .I got a lot of knitting done yesterday ...


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