08 September 2011

FOs! Yay!

Now that the Warren sweater is finished and nicely hung away in my closet, I am moving on to other projects. (The jacket BTW, was very well received on its recent outings by both knitters and non knitters! And I totally love it, so that makes the whole summer of knitting worthwhile!)

Finished object #1:Daphne Socks


This pattern and yarn came from the Cookies A sock club.  I quite liked the pattern, not so much the yarn. The yarn was A Verb for Keeping Warm Metamorphosis.

Firstly, it was poorly skeined with several breaks so it took me forever to get it all balled up properly.  Secondly, it was a sport weight which isn’t my favourite for knitting socks.  (Not the yarn’s fault, just my preference.) However they are finished and on their way to Ottawa as I type!

Finished object #2:

Next up the BSJ that I finished and have gifted to my chiropractor who is due in early November.  She loved it!


Finished Object #3:  Shirl’s Mittlets

I know I said no more yarn, but this was new at Have A Yarn and they had a dear little pattern to knit these delightful little hand warmers.  The yarn is Berocco Flicker and the pattern knit up in a couple of evenings!


Finished Object #4: Triana Scarf for Margie

This was done in an evening for my friend Margie who is leaving to go home to England today.  I was unable to get the yarn that she originally wanted, but she seemed pleased with this!

Triana for Margie

No more finished projects, but this is my latest WIP or work in progress:  The sweater is called Katrina Ballerina Lace Layering Cardigan and is being knit with my Blue Heron Metallic Rayon and I am doing a pattern I found on Ravelry.  Another I LOVE RAV comment coming up. 

I had purchased this yarn in Tuscon AZ in April with nothing particular in mind. I just loved the yarn and the colour, which is slate.  So I search for all the sweater/ cardigan projects knit with this yarn and voila!  This pattern came up and only uses one skein of the yarn. (The yarn is pricy so I only bought one skein!)

I am almost at the divide for the armholes, starting at the neck and working down.  Once all the increasing is done and the sleeves are done, then it should be smooth sailing. So far I am loving the look and feel of this.  It drapes so beautifully!  Pictures don’t do it justice but here you are:



The closeup shows the little flickers of gold that are in the yarn.  I am really looking forward to seeing this one finished.  Now if only I can stop admiring and touching it after I finish each row!

That’s it for me. Now if the rain would stop in New York and they could play the US Open Tennis, I would get way more knitting done!!  Go Roger!


lexa said...

You've been busy! Love it all. The socks I just finished have gold metallic in them, too. It's hard to get it to show up well in pictures, but your close up show really well.

Frieda said...

Wow, no grass growing under your feet ! Beautiful finished knits , but I absolutely love the colours in the BSJ . Thanks a bunch for adding to my queue ;-) ....


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