25 August 2011

Dear Blog Reader

It has been more than a month since my last blog post.  As I type this, I am having a flashback to the days of weekly confession with the priest at our church. I can remember as a child working very hard to come up with sins for this solemn sacrament.  What I mean is, I was making up sins to list at confession every week.  Every week I was sinning almost every time I went to confession. I mean seriously, how many sins can a 7 or 8 year old girl have?!  But I digress……….

Getting back to the topic at hand.  Because it has been so long, I was thinking that maybe it is time to give this blog a rest.  Obviously I had nothing worthy to post or I would have done so earlier.  We did have the girls and their families here for 2 weeks which were very busy and filled with grandkids and lots of fun, but I don’t even have any pictures of them to post.  Most of the pics I took were with my iPhone, and as anyone can tell you, they are not the best pictures in the world.  I did knit a couple of dishcloths and another one of the frilly scarves, but again, not really worthy of a blog post.  And as for the weather, don’t even go there.  This week in August is the first time all spring and summer we have had more than 2 days of sun in a row!!!  Another weather rant avoided.

And then I realized what the problem was.  Why I seemed to be so apathetic about the blog!  I have been knitting on the Warren sweater since the 25 of June.  It is not a challenging knit.  It consists of four long (58 inches for one piece) basically straight strips that get sewn together and make a sweater.  It is totally knit in seed stitch.  Which is knit one purl one forever.  VERY BORING!  I mean VERRRRRRRRY BORRRRRING!  DEADLY BORROWING.  So I did lot of other things rather than knit.  But now it is finished.  It is all sewn together (thanks to my friend Donna W!)   And here is the proof:

WarrenLong back-1WarrenLong-1

It fits and is exactly what I wanted.  There are more pictures on my Ravelry page linked above.

And just to prove to myself and everyone else that my knitting mojo is back, voila, two new projects!!

The first is another Baby Surprise Jacket for my Chiropractor, Dr F:


Not quite half done yet, but she is not due till late October so I good on that one.

The next are a pair of socks from the Cookie A Sock Club in a lovely shade of pink.  I started them last night and hope to have them finished by the end of the month for my KALs.




lexa said...

Its been a busy summer for sure, I can't believe it's almost over already. I haven't posted as much, either.

The sweater turned out lovely!

Frieda said...

Happy to see you back ! Congrats on the cardigan , 58 inches of seed stitch blows me away , but it really looks super on you . So worth it !

Good luck with the new projects on the needles . I'm using tweedy red Zara for Eli's cardi . It's beautiful to work with .

Heddy said...

summer is deadly for blogging -- it is too nice to sit at the computer and write, it is too busy to take a break to write, and summer is too short to waste a minute doing anything but enjoying it! There is lots of time the rest of the year to be a good little blogger :)
The sweater is beautiful (and looks like it was made for you! LOL! I know - it WAS!).

You will laugh when you see the picture of my BSJ, and I am not telling you why - just wait and see ;)

Love the cookie A sock yarn -- lovely future socks :)

Good to see you back on the blogiverse! take care!



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