26 September 2011

I ♥ Autumn!!

We are having the most wonderful autumn weather.  Sunny, warm, no bugs, rains in the evening or a day or so and then sunny again.  Gentle breezes. I LOVE AUTUMN!!!

I have been knitting up a storm this past few weeks and actually have something to show for it.  I knit the Katrina Ballerina Lace Layering Cardigan using my Blue Heron Metallic Rayon in the colourway slate.  It is gorgeous but much too small for the intended recipient.  So small in fact, that I don’t have enough yarn in my other Blue Heron skein to do it again in a larger size.  So I am hoping that it will fit DD2 and that she likes it.  If not, the friend modeling it for me loves and then she would get it!!! I would also only put in one button and buttonhole if I were ever to do it again.


Now I have found another sweater pattern that I quite like and have purchased that, with Shan’s approval, to knit for her.  It is called I ♥ Aran and has just enough cabling in it to make it interesting, but not too much to be overwhelming.  I went to Have A Yarn in Mahone Bay Monday to get the Tanis Green Label Aran weight yarn and they only had a few skeins available. However, I did like the poppy red colour and came home and ordered it from Tanis.  Should arrive by Friday or next Monday!  Quite looking forward to knitting this one up!!

I also knit up this little slouchy hat, called Sockhead Hat, another hat for Shan.

slouchey hat

It is really quite cute and I knit the ribbed band extra wide so you can wear it as a slouchy hat, or with the rib turned way up, as a beanie hat!

Pete wants a pair of socks to fit inside his hockey skates. Not sure what colour would be acceptable but I got a nice green/ blue tweedy striped yarn by Zauberball whilst in HAY. Also I am hoping he doesn’t want actual hockey type socks that go way up to the knees because I have cast on and started them last night.

Today is another lovely day and I have my computer guy coming this afternoon to fix the fan in my tower and to find out why my computer keeps shutting down on its own.  Then I have a suppertime meeting but no meal to be served. 

Big news for my weekend!!!  My friend and I are heading out to St. Andrews NB on Friday for KnitEast.  This is the first time something like this has been held in our area of the world and we are seriously excited!!  And we have tickets to hear the Yarn Harlot speak on Saturday night!!  I will surely post an update early next week!!

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lexa said...

The new sweater for Shan is gorgeous! Hope I get to see it in person when it's finished before you send it off to her. I like that hat, too. Another hat you've made that I might have to make, too!

My touchscreen computer used to turn itself off. I had to send it back when it was still under warranty, they did something to it. It was overheating. It has shut itself off a few times in the past week, too. I took the back off of it, and knock on wood it seems better. No warranty any more, of course, and I no longer have the convenience of working in a computer shop!

Have fun this weekend! Looking forward to the report.


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