22 July 2011


Way overdue for a blog and I have absolutely no good reason other than I have been busy and the weather has been gorgeous.  We haven’t had the high temperatures and humidity that they are getting in the US and Canada, but I am sure it will make its way here in due time!  We actually had a severe thunderstorm warning for last night with high wind gusts that they warned could create tornados.  So I popped onto my iPad and my trusty weather radar site and watched the whole thing move across Nova Scotia just north of us! Yay!!  Not even a drop of rain!  Which I must say we do need now.

And speaking of overdue, my niece lives in Ottawa, the heart of hot humid weather and is now 41 weeks pregnant and her doctor says no induction until she is 42 weeks!  Go Amy!!!  I remember planning my pregnancies so I was in the early stages during the summer months.  Both of mine were February babies!  I really mind the heat and humidity!  Pregnant or not.  Anything over 25 C and I am sitting in front of my fan, whinging and…………..

Also overdue, is getting rid of the squirrel who has taken up residence in our back porch.  We think we know how he is getting in and John is going to try to block it off today!  We have a live trap in the porch but nothing seems to entice him to go in it!  That is the entrance we use to go and out of the house and having to keep that door shut is a pain in the ass!  Plus it is a serious nuisance with the dogs.  They are sniffing around and digging and generally going bonkers every time we go in or out!  So I say Begone damn squirrel!!

Next up on my overdue list is the socks I should be knitting for July.  Not going to happen this month.  I am working on my sweater/ coverup and as it is a summer garment, I would like to finish it to wear this summer!!  I am almost finished the collar piece and then can start the 2 back pieces.  I plan to knit them together as the yarn and seed stitch together make it virtually impossible to count rows and that way I should have both exactly the same.  So I figure another couple of weeks and that should be done. I am so looking forward to putting it together and wearing it!!  Still no pictures as there really isn’t anything to see.  Just long strips of taupe seed stitch.

I am not sure if this qualifies as overdue or not, but……..We were supposed to be going to the city today to stay a friend’s house tonight, but we got a call this morning that she is under the weather so we are not going in till tomorrow!  We had already made arrangements to stay in a hotel and go out to dinner with John’s brother and his wife Saturday evening, so we will continue on with that plan tomorrow.  In the meantime, we were both so tired from poker night at our house last night ( I had to prepare a meal for 10 men ) that we were not too disappointed that we couldn’t go today!  Smile

Not very often we see this at our house, so I thought it was worthy of posting:


Gunni and Maggie sound asleep on the loveseat!  Gun is usually behind my chair and this is Maggie’s chair! So sharing it is a big deal!!

Both of our girls and their families will arrive a week from today for their summer visit to Nova Scotia.  Five grandkids ages 7 thru 3 so we are looking for good weather and lots of photo ops!!  We are seriously excited to see them, especially Shan’s family as I haven’t seem them since late January and they grow and change so fast! We saw Lauren and family a few weeks ago on our way home from Freeport Me and since then Reese has had a birthday and is now 5!!  Before too long they are going to be all grown up…………….. time goes by so fast.

So this is my long overdue post. Hopefully I will have actual knitting to show next time!


Frieda said...

I looked at the photo and couldn't see the head of the pup on the right till i clinked on it . Too funny but how does he/she sleep like that?!

I think the heat is heading your way . Hope it's not as unbearable as it's been here in the last few days . Enjoy the visit with the family ! Can't wait to see beach photos ...

lexa said...

I know what Maggie is like with her seat! If she's loose when I am there, and I sit in her seat I get the evil eye for sure! lol

Yesterday was a killer, way too hot for my likings. Today was nice and cool, got the lawn mowed amidst the showers. Now the sun is out, and there's blue sky. I hope it stays cool this evening! We're having a birthday party.


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