04 July 2011

Canada Day Here and Happy July 4th USA!

What a perfect weather weekend we had!  Sunny with a nice breeze to keep the black flies and mosquitoes at bay and a fog offshore to keep the temperature tolerable! And the SUN was out for three days in a row!!

Friday night we had an impromptu pot luck dinner party and what a huge success that was!  Eight couples and one half couple came and so we had 17 people for drinks and dinner.  And the food!  I had 2 salmon halves, baked and served with a tzatziki sauce and a wasabi sauce.  John barbequed some Alimento burgers and sausages.  We had potato salad, veggie salad and an arugula salad!  And my all time favourite cheese biscuits! 

Then for dessert there was a delicious chocolate cake, a gorgeous strawberry trifle and a strawberry rhubarb pie!  And of course there are leftovers, so we invited a couple of friends in Saturday night to help finish them all up!!!

So here I am on Monday morning doing the usual Monday stuff. Laundry, bedding, towels and putting away from the weekend stuff.

Despite the fact that Wimbledon was on for the past two weeks, I didn’t blog about it, thinking that might help Roger.  It didn’t.  He got knocked out in the quarterfinals!  But then we had a great final match between #1 Nadal and #2 Djokovic and Novak won!!  He is now #1 in the rankings and a Wimbledon champ and in my opinion, deserves it all.  He has worked very hard and played extremely well and is a worthy champion.

Obviously I knit during these matches and actually accomplished a lot on my sweater.  I have about 16 inches left to knit on the arms/back of the sweater.  It is 58 inches long so I am getting there.  But not anything much to look at yet, so no pics! I am hoping to have it finished by the end of July, but we will see!  Maybe then we can have another party to introduce the newest addition to my closet.  That is assuming it turns out the way it is supposed to and fits the way it is supposed to!  If not, it may be the last sweater I ever knit for me again!!

Funny story before I sign off.  My sister was checking out her page on Facebook and went to make some tea.  Her cat Sophie then decided to take this opportunity to invite everyone in her address book to be her FB friend!  So now she is inundated with people accepting her friend invitations! Cats do the strangest things!!  Smile


lexa said...

We had perfect weather for our Privateer Days weekend! It was too bad the fog rolled in for the grand finale fireworks last night, though.

Too funny about the cat, lol. That's something my Pumba would do!

Jean said...

Ok. This is very weird:
I discovered today my felted clogs have blowouts in their soles, so I started googling solutions for salvaging the slippers and putting new soles on them. Then my mind wandered to the slippers I've just finished knitting and felted this afternoon. I want to put a little embellishment of some kind on them. As I browsed felted slippers on Ravelry, I came across a pair you'd made (the clog style, like mine with the blowouts) that sent me to your blog, where upon I started reading your past posts. Here are the coincidences I've unearthed so far:
1. I live near Portland, Maine and recently vacationed in Nova Scotia.
2. I visited Have a Yarn in Mahone Bay and spotted the little felted booties.
3. Igot the Diamond felted booties pattern at Baadeck Yarns and have made 12-13 pairs and one adult pair (the one's felted today).
4. I knit the Peasy sweater last summer in a soft green.
5. I've been to Hawaii several times.
6. My husband and I are going to Italy (and Greece) in September.
7. I, too, love my iPad.
8. I'm retired, too, but from teaching h.s. English.
9. Our dog, a chocolate Lab, gives us a lot of joy.

That's what I recall at the moment. Oh, and I like the Freeport yarn shop, too. Have you been to Baadeck Yarns?

Jean said...

P.s. Just today I mailed to a former student a Baby Surprise Jacket with matching felted booties and hat.


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