02 June 2011

Well Hello June! and welcome

Holy cow! June came in like a lion, roaring and gnashing it’s teeth.  The biggest thunder and lightening storm I’ve seen in many years, any where!!!  Just constant flashes of lightening and thunder claps so fast you couldn’t even begin to try to count one one thousand, two one thousand………. Four long hours with two very upset dogs! We are tired today!!!

But the sun is shining and my cold is better, John’s books are done and life is looking good!

I have been knitting this little baby sweater for my niece who is due next month, which is a Tanis pattern and just too cute for words.  I used the yarn I won a couple of months ago in the Sock a Month KAL.  It still needs buttons but is just adorable.  There is probably enough yarn left over for socks, but I am not in the mood for baby socks, so I gave it to friend.  And for some reason I cannot even come close to the actual colour, not this pink but a lovely peachy salmony colour!


Next up on the needles are a pair of socks for my friend Margie who picked the yarn out of my stash.  It is called AslanTrends Santa Fe and is the indigos colourway. Not sure what pattern I will use, but I want some brain dead knitting for a change so it will be simple.

That will be it from the sunny downtown south shore of Nova Scotia!


Frieda said...

That's such a sweet little cardigan! It's definitely a must knit for Stella , but have to get the current one off the needles first .

Yesterday was so steamy here that you could use air conditioning , today it's back to wearing socks . We've got a really cold north wind blowing ...

lexa said...

I just love that little cardi! That storm was wicked, I can't remember the last time we had anything like that. Our power went out at 2:20am and came back on an hour and a half or so later. (I blamed the storm on the fact that my friend I was telling you about last night at Knit Nite who only had a week or so left never even made the night -- he passed away shortly before midnight when the storm was just starting to get bad. That was him kicking down the Pearly Gates, lol, so we joked.)

Anonymous said...

This is really beautiful work!


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