21 May 2011

Knitting At Last

Finally! A knitting post.  And a long time coming if I do say so myself!  I started these socks in Arizona so I could knit on them on our flight to Hawaii. That would have been April 15th.  I finished them last night and I couldn’t wait to get them off the needles!  That is the longest time I have ever taken to knit one pair of socks!!
Here are 2 pictures:

You would probably look at the picture and think “ Oh what a lovely azalea in the background!”  And you would be right.  And if this was a movie clip, you would also hear the roar of hundreds of honeybees working their magic on every blossom! Needless to say, I got 2 pictures and hightailed it out of there!  They were not happy to be disturbed.

Then you might look at the socks and think how lovely they are!  And again you would be right.  They are a pattern called Louche, by Hunter Hammersen and I always enjoy her patterns.  But these suckers kicked my butt from the get go!  They are mirror images and they have an interesting gusset decrease.  Between those two things, I managed to screw these socks up every way you could think of.  I like to knit my socks TAAT on dpns.  Well that messed me up right at the start.  I could never remember what sock I was working on, the left or the right.  Which is a huge issue.  I didn’t knit much on our vacation in Hawaii so I was just at the gusset of the first sock on our flight home.  (Note to self.  Never knit a complicated pattern on an overnight flight!)  So I screwed up the gusset decrease but didn’t notice it and went happily on knitting the sock and grafted the toe! Voila! One sock, crooked but finished.  I figured it was supposed to be crooked as the pattern wrapped around the top of the foot.  NOT!

So I am starting the gusset of the second sock, when I noticed my error on the first sock.  By now I was starting to seriously hate these socks.  I skipped by dislike straight to hate and loathing!  But I am stubborn so I frogged the first sock back to the gusset and redid it properly.  Then I finished sock #2 last night and although they look lovely and indeed are lovely, I still hate these socks.  Not their fault, totally, but you know what I’m saying!

Another reason I was so long getting these socks done was playing Lexulous and Scrabble online!  I must say I quite enjoy it online.  You can pick what speed you want to play at and if you only make 3 or 4 moves a day, that’s fine.  You can take your time finding words or you can play a fast game where you need to make a move every couple of minutes or so and finish in about an hour!  I usually play medium games which would finish in a few days, but some are longer.  No big deal!  Or maybe I was playing the word games to avoid knitting the socks?!  My next project will tell.

Next up I am knitting a little baby sweater called Sunnyside, by my favourite yarn lady, Tanis!  But I am not using her yarn!  I have a gorgeous Chloe and Spud yarn that I won a couple of months ago and that is what I will be using.  I am knitting the girl version, which is the blue/pink one in the picture.  My niece in Ottawa is having another little girl so it will be a perfect match!

Finally, I still have the cold from hell.  I seriously felt better last week and was on my way to a full recovery, when Thursday night my head started filling up again and my throat was sooooo sore!  It’s Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack! With a vengeance!  My question now is: Am I still contagious?  Do I even care anymore?

One more final note.  We haven't had a sunny day since my last post, but there was no whining or complaining in this post.


lexa said...

Those socks definitely sound like there were annoying. I love the color, though.

I tried cutting a few trees and mess out of my hedge today, but it was so full of bees we put off trimming it. The bees were happily working, I guess, where we had no rain for a change.

Hope you are feeling better fast. That flu took a lot out of me. Today is the first day I've really felt back to normal. I suppose a cold is next on my horizon, it's about that time of year.

Marti said...

I'll do the whining about the weather for you if you like, but I don't have any language appropriate for filters or mixed company, so I'll go scream obscenities into my pillow instead.

Glad you're finally done with the socks from hell. Onto some fun knitting :) Love the flowers BTW...beautiful.

Louise said...

Congratulations on sticking with the socks and finishing them. Hope you like wearing them better than you did knitting them!


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