13 June 2011

OMG Too Cute for Words

Some of our Knit Nite group went to Mahone Bay to WWKIP day.  (World Wide Knit In Public)  The weather was perfect, sunny and warm with a nice breeze to keep the bugs away!  We sat around and knit and talked and met new friends.  We participated in the speed knitting contest.  Turns out I am an average knitter, but two of our girls were fast!  And one actually was the fastest knitter and got a lovely prize of yarn!!

Then we were off to Have A Yarn where they had a 25% off sale.  I was very good.  I am on a sock yarn diet after all.  But I did manage to snag the pattern for these:


I didn’t knit them but they matched the little sweater for my niece’s new babe to be, so I bought them!  How freaking cute are they?


So I came home and promptly finished off my socks so I could start knitting some of them.



Then I started in on the slippers!  I got one pair done last evening but haven’t felted them yet.  I also am the world’s worst pompom maker, so I need to see if I can find one of those little thingies that make them somewhere.  Maybe the dollar store?  But I need one as I see a bunch of these little darlings in my future!

FYI  It is another rainy foggy cold and horrid day out there, but I am cheerfully knitting little baby slippers!!



lexa said...

Our forecast looks to be wet and gloomy til Friday. Really sucky.

Love those little slippers! This is the first WWKIP day I've missed in years. I was usually working it at the store, I think I only got to travel with you guys once. This year we had the fishing derby all morning, then the inserts were put in our window. Would have been fun, but I, too, am on a yarn diet, and I'm sure I would have fallen off the wagon, lol.

Heddy said...

cute slippers! I can't wait to see your slippers ... I am picturing a mass production of them (cuteness is cutest when multiplied! ;)

Marti said...

I love those slippers. Can't wait to see how they turn out. So glad we had a nice day for Saturday, rather than this gloomy, chilly stuff.

Frieda said...

I love the little sweater and the little slippers are perfect and so cute ! I love to know who the designer is and where I can get my hands on the pattern . They'd be perfect for Stella .


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