24 June 2011


We spent the last few days in Freeport ME with a couple of friends, doing some shopping and wining and dining.  As we were taking the Digby ferry and driving the rest of the way, I knew I would have lots of knitting time.  So the night before we left I cast on for the Elizabeth Zimmerman Baby Surprise Jacket aka BSJ. 

I will say right off the top that I read EZ’s instructions and then the row by row instructions and was completely mind boggled.  I was particularly intrigued by the part where she asks, “are you still with me?”  Anyway, despite my misgivings and total confusion, I persevered.  One row after another and slowly but surely it started to make sense and looked a little bit like it might actually turn into a sweater!  Every time I came to a part that seemed really out there, I would say to myself, “well it has worked so far” and so I would plug on.  And by the time we were on the 103 on our way home, I had sewed up the second sleeve seam and was finished.


I had absolutely no idea where to place the stripes, so I just started and stopped where ever and I think they came out pretty much as I had hoped.  Probably needs another stripe along the bottom, but that will be for another time.  I do see more of these in my future!  This one needs buttons which I will get today.

There was a lovely yarn shop in Freeport, Grace Robinson’s Yarn & Needlework, where I found exactly the sweater I had been looking for as a summer evening cover for me.  I hadn’t planned on knitting one, but there it was, the exact perfect sweater, so I bought the book and the yarn and my next project will be the Warren 2 Way Jacket.  This is the link to my ravelry page which does have a link to the pattern picture, but I am not sure if it will go there for non ravelry members.  So I also have this link to a YouTube video clip of it.  The jacket is the first one they show in the clip.

So I must go and finish up my little baby slippers and my Frill scarf and then start on my new sweater. 

Wimbledon is on so I will have a lovely time knitting and watching tennis!!

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lexa said...

Very cute little sweater!


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