15 May 2011

Weather or Not

We have been home from our vacation for 2 weeks.  In that 2 weeks we have had one sunny day.  And to be quite honest, the sun has come out this past Thursday and Friday in the late afternoon.  It is raining today. It rained yesterday. This is our weather forecast for the next week. 

Long Term Forecast

May. 16
May. 17
May. 18
May. 19
May. 20
May. 21
  Rain Light rain Cloudy with showers Cloudy with showers Light rain Isolated showers
P.O.P. 100% 80% 70% 40% 80% 90%
High 10°C 13°C 13°C 14°C 13°C 14°C
Low 6°C 9°C 9°C 9°C 10°C 9°C
Wind E 20 km/h SE 5 km/h E 10 km/h E 5 km/h SE 10 km/h N 20 km/h
24-Hr Rain 25-35 mm close to 5 mm 1-3 mm 1-3 mm close to 5 mm 1-3 mm

Some random rainy day thoughts.

I don’t know about the weather records, but I would guess that this spring has to be up there with the wettest and rainiest in weather keeping records!  Sad smile

Apparently the grass likes the rain. It is growing like wildfire. The lawn was almost 8 to 10 inches tall and John still has some to mow.  And it is so hard to mow when it is long, much less long and wet! Sad smile

The trees all have buds but they are waiting for some sun to bloom.  Seems like that might never happen. Sad smile

I don’t play golf, but I feel sorry for the golfers.  If they do try to go out and play, the course is either closed or so soggy it is just too unpleasant to enjoy.  Sad smile

The dogs and their walkers are really getting tired of walking in the rain and or drizzle.  They have to be towelled down every time they come in. Actually, after all the rain, the drizzle is quite pleasant! Sad smile

My rhubarb is ripening and will probably rot before we get much pulled.  Fresh rhubarb anyone?  Smile

I’m thinking that if the rain doesn’t stop soon, we will all just turn to rust and disappear.  Sad smile

Rainy days are good for staying in and knitting.  Or doing the year end books which are due in June and the accountants’ office want to have now.  It looks like this will be a good week to get that done! Smile

Looks like this will be our weather for the next week, so we will just have to suck it up and make some lemonade with all that water!  At least the wells should all be good for the year! Smile

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lexa said...

This wet weather is awful. I can't get the rest of the raking done cuz it's always so wet. I do hear the neighbor's son mowing her lawn. I suppose I should go do mine. I've mowed once so far, and it needs to be done again.

Yum -- rhubarb!


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