03 April 2011

I Did it Again

For the unluckiest person in the world, I seem to have the golden touch with the random number generator in the Sock a Month KAL.  For the third time I was the monthly winner and will receive this yarn from Spud and Chloe:


I’m guessing it is probably not this bright, but who knows.  Anyway, more sock yarn and I didn’t have to buy it so I am still doing good on my sock yarn diet!! (BTW, I finished and posted the sock just hours before the deadline!) Smile


lexa said...

Congrats on the win! Solid color, which you like, might be a bit bright, but I'm sure someone you know will enjoy some socks in that color! (Once you see it in person it may not be as bright. It's a pretty color, very spring/summer!)

Frieda said...

Congratulations ! That is bright , but soooooo pretty ....


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