01 April 2011

More Blog Silence Explained

I bought a new vehicle:


This is my new Honda Pilot and I am slowly coming to love it.  My problem with vehicles is that I tend to love them and not want to get rid of them when the time comes.  Anyway, the time had arrived for my MDX to go, but I was not ready to lose it.  I get very attached to my cars, know them inside and out.  Well maybe not inside, but I always know when there is something wrong with the poor baby.  And I reallllllllly loved that vehicle.  But the time had come and the Pilot was on my list of acceptable SUVs.  So after many trips to the dealer, test drives, internet searching for reviews etc., I finally decided on the Pilot.  Plus the fact that their bottom line came in lower than the ridiculously low one I had in my mind as the lowest I would go and the extras they added to that, made it pretty much impossible not to take it.  So here I am, the proud owner of a new Honda Pilot.  Which takes regular gas, not premium and I get it serviced in Bridgewater, not Halifax.

I spent the first night setting up the phone and the sound system and reading the manual.  The next morning I am on the phone with the XM Radio guy, moving my contract to the new vehicle and he tells me to get in the car and turn on the radio to make sure it is working and Holy S**t!!!  I turn on the key and lights flash on and off but the engine won’t turn on.  So I run in the house and get the other key and try that one, same thing.  Remembering that I had read the manual the night before, I decided that I had switched the keys, numbered 1 and 2 and had probably screwed up the keyless entry system.  After a couple of frantic calls to the dealer and a visit by their service people, it turns out the battery was dead because I had spent so much time playing with it last night when it was not running.  Sometimes I overthink things. Smile But in my defense, usually when the battery is dead, you don’t have lights and things on!

Anyway, that accounts for a good part of the blogger silence.  Lexulous game playing accounts for some more.

Then trying to finish these socks:


(Gorgeous aren’t they?) by the end of the month so I can at least do one KAL in March.  These were finished last evening. ( I just have the neckband and button bands left to do for the Peasy sweater and that will be finished and ready for it’s new owner.)

Then on to my newest obsession, planned pooling.  You take a skein of yarn like this:


This is the Blue Heron Rayon Metallic, Sunset colourway. See how the colours are lined up?  Then you knit from the middle of the blue end to the middle of the green end for a few rows.  If your colours are lining up right, with each colour going up in a stripe, you count the number of stitches you have and that becomes your magic number.  Apparently it can take a few tries, but I am fascinated by it and it I can get it to work out properly, I will have a scarf similar to this one.  Totally boggles my mind what they are doing with planned pooling now. Plaids even!!!!

It is now raining out and they are calling for snow here today.  I may whine about the rain, but I will rant if we get snow!  I am definitely in spring mode!

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lexa said...

We left Bridgewater around 1:30, and it was snowing and freezing rain down there, the roads were slick. By the time we got to the county line it was pretty much all rain.

Love the new vehicle, and love those socks! I have to get some of that yarn. The possum just blows me away. I can't wait to see how you make out with the planned pooling thing, that looks interesting.


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