04 March 2011

Why I Cheated (on my diet)

I put myself on a yarn diet for this year 2011.  But as I have been known to do with all diets, I then changed it up a bit by deciding the diet would only be for sock yarn.  I have lots of sock yarn. Loads and loads.  I haven’t actually counted yet because I don’t want or need to know.  Sort of like I won’t weigh myself when I know I have gained weight and should be doing a bit of dieting.

So I have been doing really well for January and February.  I bought some of the Frill Seeker for the scarves.  Our local yarn store is closing the end of March and all yarn was 25% off so I bought a bunch of Classic Wool for slippers.  And two skeins of the Cascade Heritage sock yarn. It was on sale for goodness sake! I think you can cheat a little under those circumstances.

But then yesterday I popped into my favourite yarn shop, Have a Yarn, In Mahone Bay, to pick up one more ball of the Frill Seeker yarn to knit one more scarf and these somehow or other ended up in my basket.


Now this yarn is 55% merino, 20% nylon, 15% alpaca and 10% possum.  It is the softest freaking sock yarn I have ever touched.  Plus there was a customer in the store who had knit with it and totally raved about it.  And then to top it off, look at the colour.  I have been searching for a lovely soft purplish yarn for a long time and it will so match my new top!  The colour reminds me of lupines.  I Loooooooooove lupines.  But I wavered, yes, no, yes, no, maybe, no……….

So then guess what was sitting in a basket right beside the checkout counter?  A Fiber Trends pattern by Evelyn A Clark for a pair of socks called Lupine Lace Socks.  Can you believe it?  And that is how I cheated on my yarn diet!  I went and got the yarn and the pattern and here they are, happy as can be, at my house!  Just waiting for me to match them together for a perfectly gorgeous pair of socks.  For me.  Nobody else is getting them.  Me.

And yes, I am still on a sock yarn diet.  But now it is only for sock yarns brands that I already have.  If I were to come across a yarn that I have never knit with and is drop dead gorgeous, I am allowing myself to get one.  Only if it is absolutely amazing and wonderful. Duh! 


lexa said...

Possum?!?! I may have to get some of that.

Heddy said...

wel ... the pattern is prety, the yarn is gorgeous, and as for the Diet ... everything in moderation ;) Seems like a good mantra for an occasional cheat, eh? I don't think it is healthy to totally deprive oneself of all good things, otherwise you end up going on a yarn bender, binging on even nasty yarn, just stuffing your cart with whatever is closeby! So, a treat now and then is a healthier way to be on a Yarn Diet, IMHO

Amphibiaknitter said...

Hmmm.... Methinks a drive down to Mahone Bay is in order. That's great looking yarn. Washable possum -- who knew?

What's your "local" yarn store that's shutting down? There are only about 4 yarn store in the entire province, as near as I can tell.

Donna M said...

The local yarn store is the Ball & Skein which is part of Memory Lane down on the waterfront.


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