28 February 2011

Almost March

Between chiropractor appointments, resting and icing my back, and watching curling on TV, this past week has flown by! And a lot of knitting has been accomplished!

I finished my last ruffled scarf and it matches my jacket beautifully! I love it!  It gets compliments everywhere it goes!


After I finished that I was at a loss for what to start.  I received my yarn from the Cookie A sock club, and whilst I loved the yarn, I confess to not being too fussy about either pattern that came with it!  So I am holding off on knitting those.  And I can’t start any other socks till March 1st a la my KALs.  So I dug out this humungous ball of Bernat Handicrafter cotton and knit 10 dishclothes.


Two will be for me and the others can be gifted whenever I need a little something or if anyone in my family wants a couple.  I know both girls like them!  Not sure whether my sister or SIL has ever had one, but they are up for grabs.

We went into the city on Saturday and stayed overnight.  We went out to dinner with John’s brother and SIL and another couple at a Mano.  Fun Italian restaurant with great food and wine.

Whist we were in the city, I got some yarn to knit my friend a Peasy sweater. ( John did quite well at the golf store, BTW! ) She modelled the first one I knit and absolutely loved it and really wanted one for herself.  I found a gorgeous rich purple which I am sure she will love and started it yesterday afternoon when we got home.  Between 2 curling games and the Oscars last night, I got a fair amount of knitting done:


It is knit from the neck down and there is a lace pattern at the top front edges.  There is also increasing for the raglan sleeves, etc.  The pattern is well written and very accurate, but one must be on one’s toes when reading it.  The lace pattern is only four row repeats, but you have the right side and the left side to keep track of. You knit so many repeats of the lace pattern and then change the raglan increases to every other row for the sleeves and then every 4th row for the body!  Like I said, well written but requires concentration and math skills!!  But the finished product is worth it.  I have knit it twice before for my daughters and they both love theirs!

And that has been the past week.  Boring but fruitful. 

Now we get to look forward to March.  We are not going away this year in March so we are hoping for another one like last year.  It was actually nicer here in Nova Scotia than it was in Florida for several days in March.  So maybe it will be similar this year!!

The Tim Horton’s Brier starts on Saturday March 5 and that will be excellent curling!  Kevin Martin is there again from Alberta ( go Team Martin!) with a great field of competitors, so I anticipate finishing this sweater in no time!!! Smile Smile Smile


lexa said...

Lots of knitting! You'll have that sweater whipped up in no time watching the curling next week.

Frieda said...

That's a whole lotta knitting ! The colours on the dishcloths are very spring like . Maybe if you knit fresh spring colours it will come!?

You made great headway on the Peasy , gorgeous colour ! I see that The King's Speech did really well at the Oscars , but I have to say the whole evening was pretty much a snooze fest . Liked Anne Hathaway as host , but James Franco seemed absent , too much back stage twittering I think .


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