03 February 2011

Thursday Things

Thing #1:

We did get the big storm yesterday.  Lots of snow and wind.  John ended up snowblowing our driveway three times, but it looks great! 


Quite a contrast from this one from last Thursday Things post!!

Thing #2:

I finished the little socks for Dave and sent them off in the mail today.  They should be in Ottawa early next week.  And miracle of miracles, the envelope fit in the slot for letters so I only paid $1.40 compared to $10 if it went as a parcel!!

They were knit with Apple Laine, Apple Pie sock yarn that didn’t work out for my Pointelles, and they are lovely and soft and warm for his dear little feet!

Thing #3:

I decided on the In and Out sock after a comment posted by Amphibiaknitter who suggested trying to envision them not in the dark blue in the book.  It worked and so here we go:


I am once again double dipping with 2 KALs.  The colour is for the Solid Socks group with a theme of fire for this month, and the pattern is for the CookieA SKL KAL!

Thing #4:

And the most exciting if I do say!  My first bi-monthly package from the Tanis Fiber Arts Year in Colour club arrived today and I am so in love with the yarn and the pattern.  Yarn is named Frost and the pattern is for a lace scarf designed by Tanis Gray!


As anyone who knows me or has seen my project page on Ravelry can attest, I LOVE this colour and am so thrilled and pleased with this package.  Last year I joined another sock club that I will not mention and was seriously disappointed with the yarns that came.  In fact, I have given a couple of them away as I just plain did not like them!!  So I was a little leery about joining another club where I would have to take what was sent, but I figured with Tanis I would be safe!  I haven’t seen one of her colourways that I did not like!!

Thing #5:

I have had a cough for at least two weeks, and probably longer.  Not a chest cold cough, just an unproductive tickle in my throat cough which has been driving me crazy (and possibly John as well) for days now.  Sometimes it seems like I am coughing every 5 minutes!  So one of my friends suggested honey and cinnamon.  Just a spoonful of honey with cinnamon sprinkled on top.  Sounds like a song doesn’t it?  Anyway, I hate cough syrups (they make me sick) and I am not a fan of honey (too sweet), but I finally decided this morning to bite the bullet and try the honey concoction.  What can I say?  It seems to be helping.  The coughing is way down, maybe 5 or 6 times in the last four hours!  So I will take it again after dinner tonight and at bedtime and see if it continues to help.  But right now I am a happy camper.  I was getting so tired, just from the coughing alone, that I was verging on breaking down and going to the doctor!  Now we will wait and see!

Thing #6:

Lastly is my new venture into the world of crockpot or slow cooker meals.  When I was in Ottawa, Shannon bought this cookbook, Make It Fast, Cook It Slow, by Stephanie O’Dea.  She started out with this blog, A Year of Slow Cooking and it was so successful that she now has two books out!  Anyway, when I came home I bought the book and have done a pot roast with all the veggies, which was very successful and well received by John, and then the Coq au Vin recipe which was amazingly good.  John has requested this gone on the menu at least monthly at our house. 

On Saturday we are having friends in for chili and to watch the movie, The Social Network on our Apple TV.  We tried last weekend, but it wasn’t available then!  I have checked myself and as of today, you can rent it through iTunes and Apple TV!  I will make slow cooker chili, but I’ll use a long time favourite recipe of mine, although there are several in her book.  Tried and true works for me as well!

So have a nice weekend everyone!  We are meeting Lauren & Mark and kids in the city for lunch on Sunday!  Yay!  Really looking forward to that!


lexa said...

I used my snowblower three times as well. I don't mind some snow, but that was too much at once. I am so sore from shovelling the steps and snowblowing that I'll have to see how much knitting I can get done tonight. I have to get the school's Valentine raffle socks finished, and I promised someone else a pair of felted slippers for Monday!

Amphibiaknitter said...

Love the start for the In & Out. I'm on chart C.

I'm jealous that your TFA has arrived. Maybe Monday .... my fingers are crossed.

More snow tomorrow. Happy happy!


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