27 January 2011

Thursday Things

Today we were supposed to be hit by our third, count it 3rd, snow storm of the month.  So I cancelled my car appointment and my lunch date with my Halifax Nancy and stayed home.  This is a picture of my back yard after our third, count it 3rd, snow storm had struck:


You might notice the lack of snow.  And the grass.  Now you can understand why they refer to our little area of Nova Scotia as the banana belt!! Smile

So instead of heading off to the city, I stayed home and watched the Australian Open Tennis semi final between Roger and Novak Djokavic and knit.  Roger lost. :(     Actually, I must say that Novak won.  He seriously outplayed him.  And with Nadal out as well, we will have a new champion.  I am hoping for Novak, as I am not a fan of Andy Murray ( despite the last name ) and have not one iota of interest in David Ferrer.  They play off tonight for the other final berth!

On the plus side, I did finish my Pointelle Socks!  Yea!  For a while there I actually thought they were going to bring me down.  They did kick my butt some, but I persevered and voila:


This is the view showing each side and the next one shows the mirror images:


Next up I am doing another one of the ruffled scarves, in a lime green with the silver thread running through it.  This is being donated as a prize for my friend’s fundraising bingo.  I figure better a scarf than socks, as it will be more likely to fit!  Smile

And lastly for today, we have a picture of our little Welsh Terrier, Gunni, who suddenly developed a lump on his forehead, just above the eyes.  It’s hard to tell in the pics, but the black spot is supposed to be flat!


Little guy has an appointment at the vet tomorrow morning.  I am guessing cyst, but who knows. Hopefully they will be able to fix him up without an anaesthetic.  When he was neutered, he had a huge issue with low pulse rate and blood pressure and almost died on them!  So we will be thinking positive thoughts tomorrow!


lexa said...

So far I haven't had to use our snowblower this winter. All this water from this morning's rain, though, will freeze tonight and make quite a nice mess.

Hopefully Gunni's head bump isn't anything serious. Keep us posted on how he makes out!

Love the socks, too. :)

Anonymous said...

Our snowblower has got quite the work out. We pray it makes it through this winter. We got that big storm you wanted. Not quite as much as predicted but enough to give me a 4th snow day from school. We'll be going to school until the end of June this year for sure as I hear snow is predicted again Tuesday!!

I am saying a prayer for Gunni. I hate to see anything wrong with anyone's beloved family members!

GailM. said...

Wow, I can't believe you have no snow... that's so neat. My sister is in the Annopolis Valley and they had a storm day today.

Love the socks. They are so pretty. I can't wait to see the scarf...

Anonymous said...

My fingers are crossed for Sweet Little Gunni - I hope it turns out to be nothing serious. Pets are such a big part of fmaily life, and we worry so when they aren't their usual selves.

Those socks are AMAZING! WOW! gorgeous!



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