31 January 2011

Monday Morning Mishmash

I spoke too soon! This morning John is out snowblowing.  Not that much snow, about 4 or 5 inches, but now that the ever popular weatherman is forecasting a big storm on Tuesday and Wednesday, J is getting ready for it.  Now the big question is: will it actually hit us or not?

A Gunni update.  Turns out the lump on his head was an abscess.  The vet couldn’t find a scratch or anything that might have caused it, but when he inserted a needle into the lump, bloody pus came out.  So he made a small incision and drained as much as he could and told me to use hot saline compresses for a few days and not to let it scab over.  So of course, I get up the first morning and it is scabbed over!  I did try more compresses, but to no avail.  Hopefully the little lump that is left won’t get bigger. Plus, he is on antibiotics for a week.

I finished two more of the ruffled scarves. (The pattern I use is on this link to my Ravelry page.)  Both are going to friends for prizes for events they are putting on!  I wear my red one all the time and can’t believe how warm they actually are!


And I started a little pair of socks for middle grandson Dave.  He likes my warm socks and so he will get a pair.  I needed something to knit till my next KAL which starts on Tuesday!  So vanilla/basic/plain, whatever you want to call them, blue socks for Dave.

I still haven’t decided what pattern to knit for my KAL, but will make my mind up later today.  The choices are Marilinda, which I have already done. or In and Out which I haven’t done, but don’t like as much as the Marilindas.

Next post will be either big snow or rain.  Hoping for rain.


Frieda said...

I love the scarves ! Ruffles seem to be very popular these days .

I'm hoping that we get your forecast snow ; we're enjoying the skiing while we can .

lexa said...

It'll be interesting to see how much snow we get mid-week. Normally it warms up and turns to rain, but this time it's supposed to stay below zero. I have gas ready to go for my snowblower (which I haven't used yet). I just shovelled my driveway last night since it was light and fluffy. I didn't do the driveway where T parks the big truck. I may as well wait til after Wednesday since he won't be home til Friday anyways.

Amphibiaknitter said...

I'm in Halifax also hoping for rain. Or a motherload of snow so I can stay home and knit.

In & Out is a nice pattern if you can re-visualize it other than in a dark blue yarn.


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