09 February 2011

FYI They Really Mean those Warnings

When they tell you not to turn your microwave on with nothing in it, there us a reason for that.  It will catch on fire!  Had I thought to take pictures, I would have physical proof of this.  But, I was seriously upset and annoyed with myself and didn't think of it till this morning.  And of course, today is garbage day and my dead microwave with all it's bits and pieces was in the garbage. 

So, how could this happen you might ask yourself.  Good question.  I was making another slow cooker recipe from the book mentioned in a previous post.  The slow cooker chicken was perfect.  The rice was ready, the asparagus was done, but it was a little early for dinner yet.  Being a very clever lady, I decided to put the timer on for 10 minutes and then check how things were holding up.  I then turned on the microwave instead of the timer.  When it buzzed 10 minutes later and I returned to the kitchen, I noticed an orange glow in the microwave.  WTH! I said to myself.  (Actually I said something else which I won't repeat here!)  And then the flame went out and all became clear.  (More asterisk language here.)  I had run the freaking microwave on high for 10 long minutes when it was totally empty.  They do clearly tell you not to do that.  I have accidentally done this before for a minute or so with no dire consequences, but not this time.  The round molded plastic thingy that the turntable sits on was ashes, the glass turntable was burned through and cracked, the floor of the microwave was marginally affected and the whole thing was full of smoke!  And let me tell you the smell of burnt plastic was horrid!  Still is hanging around today, despite open windows and candles and everything else.

On the positive side, the dinner was really good!  And I am getting a new microwave! And hopefully I will never do this again!


lexa said...

Whoops! Have fun shopping for a new microwave.

Heddy said...

I was sure I wrote you a comment - but nope -- I didn't!

Sorry to hear about your mistake with the microwave - thank heavens noone was hurt! It coulda been bad! I will heed all appliance warnings from now on (our copier at work has a sign above it that says "Do not eat Toner" ... I will start with that one! Seems like sound advice!)


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