21 February 2011

Blame the Back

There has been a bit of a blogger blackout from me lately. I was really doing well blogging at least once if not twice a week for the last while, but I have been brought down by a bad back.  A really painful bad back.  Excruciatingly painful bad back.  Bad enough that I went to Out Patients at our local hospital a week ago.  ( I do not go to OP unless things are really bad.)   The doc on call gave me some muscle relaxants and suggested I see a chiropractor. I will confess that my jaw dropped to my chest when I heard the C word coming out of his mouth.  (Most doctors do not like chiropractors and never recommend them!)  So I took my meds and called the next morning for an appointment.  I had to go out of town as our local chiropractor is off on Maternity leave. So I got an appointment for Wed afternoon and none to soon at that!  I literally could not make it across the street without almost crying with pain on Wednesday.  She examined me, took a history and did a spinal scan.  After all this she determined that some of my facet joints were stuck, causing the extreme pain, and also that my pelvis was off kilter by more than an inch. 

I have now had 2 treatments and am feeling much better, although I keep having pain in different areas of my back and legs now.  Not as acute pain, but pain nonetheless.  I figure as she pushes things back into place there is bound to be some discomfort.  Anyway, I have 3 sessions booked for this week and she will reassess me after that.

As anyone with severe back pain will tell you, when your back is bad, everything else suffers.  I know I am very nervous to even take my dogs for too long a walk for fear of aggravating the whole thing.  And you just can’t seem to function at a proper pace.  Everything is slow.  So I am taking things slowly and doing everything I can to get this back of mine in shape again!

However, one thing I still can do is knit.  I have finished my In and Out socks by Cookie A and am very pleased with them.  They are for ME!


They are mirror images, so I have posted both pics so you can see the way the socks wrap around one’s feet.

Next up, I finished the scarf/shawl from the Tanis Fiber Arts Year in Colour club.  I should have gone up a size or two when I cast on, but I didn’t so it is only going to be a scarf.  I also didn’t put the edging along the one side.  Just didn’t seem to like it that much.  But I love the scarf as is and it is blocking as we speak.  I’ll post a better picture when it dry and looking good!


Then we have one finished and one on the needles of the Frill Seeker scarves. For some reason, I enjoy doing these scarves up and they are so quick it is instant gratification! The blue/green will be going to a silent auction. ( I am hoping someone in my family will want the purple one! And the blue one from the Tanis Club! I already have 2 in those colours!)  This one is about 5 feet long.


This is about 2 feet of the purple one.  I did one less stitch to make it not quite as thick as the blue one and like it much better.  They are fun and funky and I get lots of compliments on my red one!


Now I am going to knit and watch the Scotties Ladies curling.  Then after lunch I am off to the chiropractor again and I am crossing all appendages for a good successful session!


lexa said...

I have a bad back, too, and know what you are going through. Mine has been bothering me the past few days a bit, and I must say that the heated leather seats in my new car feel reealllyyy good on it -- it's heated in just the perfect spot! lol

Frieda said...

I was wondering about the blog silence. Take care of yourself and feel better soon !

Love all your knits , but those socks are spectacular ! Apparently those scarves are all the rage here too . My LYS had a great choice of colours , but I resisted . Too many things on the go right now , but maybe for Christmas ...


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