08 February 2011

Rain Rain Go Away

Our beautiful winter snow is being washed away by a winter rainstorm.  I hate it.  Cold, horrid, wet rain.  I love snow.  Light, fluffy, white, sparkly.  There will be no picture of the rain destroying my snow.  The dratted stuff is coming down in buckets, cats and dogs, whatever you say to indicate heavy rain.  Then when you go to town or wherever, people will invariably say, “ well at least we don’t have to shovel it!”  A pox on them I say! I like snow!
My husband thinks I am crazy for enjoying winter, but I will confess to be a winter sports junkie.  I love skating and curling, the only sports available in our small town when I was growing up. Due to knee and back issues, I no longer do either, but I love watching them on TV.  Both of my girls figure skated and I have been involved with the sport, either locally or at the provincial level for over 25 years.  I retired from the provincial board 4 years ago when I had my knee replacement surgery, but still love it!  Every year we drive to Florida for the month March, which encompasses the last week in February and the first week in April.  I miss the curling finals, men’s and women’s, and the world skating championships.  For some reason, the American networks don’t show these events in Florida!!  This year we are going to Arizona and then on to Hawaii for the last 3 weeks in April.  So I get to see all my favourite sporting events! Yay!


I am really enjoying my In and Out socks.  I have turned the heel on one and am on the foot.  I am about to turn the heel on the other.  I love the way the pattern in the leg becomes the slipped stitch heel flap:


I almost screwed it up though.  The pattern calls for the slipped stitches to happen on the purl side, not the knit side, as is the norm and I almost, very nearly said to myself, what the heck, just knit one row and do the slipped stitches on the knit side!  But I didn’t and voila!

I should be able to finish this sock today.  I have a pedicure and hair appointment this afternoon and will take the sock with me.  And then tonight is NCIS. NCIS Los Angelos and The Good Wife on TV.  Great knitting night!
FYI.  The pouring down rain is now pouring down wet snowflakes.  And yes, I hate those too.  If we are going to have snow, I want proper, light and fluffy, and pretty snow.  Not these aberrations!  A pox on them I say!


lexa said...

Love the socks!

The roads look pretty slimey in here right now, all that rain then the snow mixed to form a nice slush. I'd rather it stay a light, fluffy snow than mixed with rain. Too heavy to shovel.

Frieda said...

That sock is just gorgeous ! I love the colour .

We keep getting snow here . We've had great skiing , but I'm getting slightly fed up with having to shovel . We've had about 35cm since last week and more on the way tomorrow , only about another 10cm .


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