10 January 2011

Yesterday ( Not the Beatles song )

Yesterday we had our first snowfall of the season. Only about 5 cm, but enough to make everything white and really pretty.  I wished I had my camera on my walk through the woods as it was just stunning!  A true winter wonderland!

Yesterday I worked on my baby blanket for my friend’s granddaughter.  It is coming along nicely. I’m almost half way there and hope to have it finished before I go to Ottawa on Sunday.

Yesterday we went out to a friend’s for dinner.  We had lobster Newburg, an all time favourite of mine and it was delicious!  We had a great evening!

Yesterday, before we went out to dinner, I took the dogs for a walk around the block.  And then I slipped on the ice and went smuck down, flat on my ass/black.  Hurt pride and other parts of me.

Today, I am sore.

Today, I found the gripper things for my boots so walking on the snow and ice shouldn’t be an issue again.

Today I shall rest. And knit if my sore shoulders and wrists hold up!


lexa said...

Not enough snow for my snowblower yet. We'll see what Wednesday brings, one place says snow, another says rain.

Ouch! When I first had Jewel I had her out for a walk. We were coming down our street, so I decided to jog with her. She got all excited and started jumping on me and knocked me down. I hoped the neighbors didn't see it, I was more embarassed than anything. Hurt my elbows pretty good, too, cuz she knocked me flat on my stomach, but I landed on my elbows rather than smack my fave in the pavement!

Landerson said...

Oh Mom, that sucks:( Hope you're feeling yourself again soon.

Heddy said...

I hope back to your healthy self soon ... bummer about the fall!

Yay for the lobster newburg (yum!) and yay for the baby blanket progress!

Take care, and rest the sore spots :)

Frieda said...

Ooooh no , hope you feel better soon !

If misery loves company I should tell you that I've taken a couple of tumbles on our cross country skiing outings . I'm not a newbie but am terribly out of shape and my control of the skis on small little hills is zero . Luckily it's mostly snow but I have a nice bruise on my left hip . More damaged pride than anything else because ,of course , an expert skier would come by just when I've bitten the dust /snow . I think I should stick to the trails at the golf course ....

Deepak Biswas said...

Really Appreciated.
Thank you.

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