15 January 2011

Weekend Wrapup

I have knit dozens of pairs of socks.  I love knitting socks.  They are portable, fun to knit and you always have a finished product that someone will love!  I never have problems with socks.  But, I am having issues with my latest sock.  It is the Cookie A pattern Pointelle from her new book, Knit Sock Love.  It is a beautiful pattern and will be gorgeous when it is done.  But getting it done seems to be the problem.  Actually, getting it started is the real problem.  I started out with Apple Laine Apple Pie sock yarn, which I love and 2.75 needles, which is the size I always use.  After the ribbing and about 2 inches of the leg, I decided it was too big and tore it back to the ribbing and changed to smaller needles, 2.5 and knit about 3 inches of leg.  It is still too big.  So I have decided that the problem is the yarn.  I started again with Malabrigo yarn, which I really love for socks and the 2.5 needles.  Now I am thinking it is going to be too small! Argh!  But I will continue for a few more inches to be sure. The big question is, if it is indeed too small, will I rip it out and start again on 2.75s? 

I am still working on the baby blanket. I have 3 squares left to do, then sew in the ends, and add an attached icord around the whole blanket to finish if off.  I knew I wasn’t going to have time to finish it before I leave for Ottawa tomorrow, and I wanted to get the socks set up for car and plane knitting, so I will take it with me and hope to finish it up there! It really is going to be sweet and so pink and girly!

Yesterday I got a text message from Lauren with this picture attached.  I was totally surprised and taken aback.  First, I didn’t realize you could send pictures with a text message and second:


These slippers got to her mid December.  She hasn’t even had them a month!  I cannot figure out how she is wearing them out so fast.  But upon closer examination, this one looks like the stitching is coming apart at the top of the middle seam of the sole.  Not worn out through.  Do you suppose it could be (gasp, God forbid) human error?  I can guarantee the next pair will be stitched within an inch of their lives and maybe reinforced with some miracle glue to hold them together!!!!

We went to the movie, The King’s Speech, last night and it was excellent!  I gave it a 9 and John gave it a 10!  If you haven’t seen it yet, I would strongly recommend it!!

We’re out to dinner at a friend’s house tonight and then I am off in the morning.  Chances are I won’t be posting again until I get home in a week, but who knows!


lexa said...

She wears her slippers out faster than I do! I thought I was bad! Can't be totally human error, lol. I keep checking my fuzzy feet - I wear them constantly, they were finished December 13 - soon must be time for holes in mine! And these aren't like the slippers I usually make, they are single strand and not doubled soled.

Landerson said...

How did I know that picture would end up on your blog?


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