06 January 2011

Another Year, More Knitting

A belated Happy New Year to everyone out there!

I have been reading people’s first blogs of the new year and many are doing a yearly roundup of all their projects.  A great idea which I did last year and have decided to pass on this year.  If you read this blog regularly, then you have seen everything I have done in the past year anyway.  Suffice it to say that according to my mile marker, I knit 10.9 miles last year!  Not braggin’, just sayin’.

And then a lot of people are going on a self imposed yarn diet this year.  Also a good idea and one I will join with enthusiasm.  I seem to have lost my sock mojo for the past few months, so my sock yarn stash has accumulated to record size.  Not knitting socks and buying more sock yarn will do that.  Plus, I joined not one, but two sock yarn clubs this year, which means that I will be getting 12 delightful parcels in the mail to fulfill my need for yarn.

As for the sock mojo, I do hope to find it this month.  But things keep getting in the way.  I started a pair of Pointelle socks for the Cookie A Knit Sock Love KAL on January 2nd, only to find out that my friend’s daughter had a baby girl 2 days later. ( If people knew how much knitters appreciate knowing the baby’s gender up front, they would all find out what it is when they have their 20 week ultrasound! )  So now I am putting aside my sock to work on a pink baby blanket.  And then next week I am going up to Ottawa to stay with Shannon for a week.  I may or may not take the socks as they require a chart and it doesn’t always work well with three little ones around! Smile We will see.

The baby blanket is the same pattern that I did once before, but in a pretty pink pattern instead of the blues.  And for the new mother, totally wash and dry!


And to finish off, a couple of pictures from our visit in Saint John over Christmas:

Miss Reese in her Christmas eve nightgown:


And of course Hunter in matching PJs!


And here we have the whole family for Christmas Dinner:


A wonderful time was had by all!  Everyone contributed to the meal, so it wasn’t a hassle for Lauren to get ready. Plus it was absolutely delicious!


Frieda said...

Reese looks so grown up already , beautiful photos !

I love the baby blanket . I wish Knitweir would write up the pattern . I'd buy it for sure !

Almost forgot to wish you aHappy New Year!

lexa said...

Nice Christmas pajamas! Looks like it was a fun time!

Landerson said...

10.9 miles? That's a lot of knittin'! 2.4 miles are in our house I'm sure. Cute baby blanket:)


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