24 January 2011

Ottawa Week in Review

I survived my week in Ottawa helping Shannon out whilst she worked on report cards, homework, etc for school.  I am tired, but must say I enjoyed spending time with the little ones.

The children were supposed to be at day care so I could get some things done during the day.  Monday morning however, I got a call from Shannon saying that Leah was sick and could I go pick her up and bring her home.


On our way home, I scooted into Tim’s to pick up a muffin for my lunch and of course had to take Leah with me.  Well, the little monkey was dancing to the music, flirting with the customers and smiling all over the place.  Did not appear to be one tiny little bit sick!  We got home where we did puzzles, read, watched a video. (Please, please, don’t make me watch Strawberry Shortcake or Dora ever again!)  And that set the precedent for the rest of the week.  I did errands or whatever in the mornings, picked Leah up at noon and had her the rest of the day.  So Leah and Nana really had a wonderful time together!  I would definitely say that we bonded! Smile I also managed to get a lot of things done for Shan.  Laundry, beds changed, grocery shopping and general errands.  I took Dave to Beavers one night and went to Pete’s hockey game another night. 


Dave’s the little one on the left.

This is Pete’s hockey card picture:



On my last night there we went to Montana’s to celebrate Leah’s third birthday and then back home for butterfly birthday cake:




All in all, I think it went well and I am even prepared to go back again in February if they need help again.

On the knitting front, I finished the little baby blanket for my friends' new granddaughter:

Pink BlankyDSC03500_edited-1

Please take note of how the diagonal blocks all match up beautifully!  I was really pleased with this and it will go off to the new little one tomorrow!

My Pointelle socks are coming along nicely. I have turned the heel on both socks and am halfway done the foot on one of them.  Pictures to come when they are finished.

And finally, as I was getting ready to leave for the airport on Sunday, Rudy, the family cocker spaniel, was doing his best Snoopy imitation on the living room sofa:



lexa said...

The baby blanket is sweet! Sounds like you had a good visit. Rudy is too cute!

Landerson said...

The kids(and Rudy!) look great! Love the blankie:)

GailM. said...

Ha ha... my little granddaughter Aurora loves Strawberry Shortcake and Dora too.

Love Love your cocker and his snoopy impression. We had a cocker that we got from NS and loved her dearly. She's gone now...sniff sniff... sob sob.... .


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