28 December 2010

Catching Up after Christmas

Christmas is over and we are slowly getting back to normal at our house.  We spent a wonderful few days with Lauren and her family over Christmas, but I forgot my camera and so no pictures.  I will get them to send me a few of theirs when they sort them.

Knitting has been going along well.  I found this pattern and funky yarn for ruffled scarves when I was in Ottawa, and so far have knitted 4 of them.  Three are like this:


for Reese, Leah and a friend of Reese’s is getting the third one.  I had the yarn leftover for one more and no grandkids to give it to, so Reese offered to give it to her friend Hannah. Smile  It’s hard to tell but there is a silver thread running through this to make it sparkle.  The fourth one is red, no sparkly thread and wider for me:

This one took two balls of the yarn using 9 stitches and I have one ball left. So I may do another one using 6 or 7 stitches for someone.  And finally I have a silver/grey ball to knit one more!

I also finished the Infinity Scarf and am thrilled with it.  The pictures don’t do it justice but here it is:


The second pic shows it as it would be if wrapped once around your neck. And it is delightfully warm!

At the moment I am knitting another pair of clogs for my former hairdresser.  She moved her business to her home which is too far for me to travel, hence the former.  And she recently had a baby!  She is friends with my pedicure lady and asked her to ask me if I would knit her another pair of clogs.  She absolutely loves them and so of course I said yes.  It is such fun to knit things for people who really love and appreciate them!!

Next up on the needles is this hat for John.  He keeps wearing the dog walking hat everywhere and that was knit to match his winter jacket, and doesn’t look good with everything else. One of our Knit Nite ladies knit a hat with a great grey yarn that would be perfect for this hat. I’m going to try to get some today!

Ok! That’s it for the knitting. Now for the rest.  I am getting a cold.  My nose it itchy and running and I am annoyed. I do everything right and still I get a cold.  This will be my second cold in four months and I am seriously ticked off!  I had a flu shot and everything.  I am taking Cold FX.  My last cold peaked just in time for my big birthday party in late August.  Guess who is having a big new year’s eve party on Friday?  That’s right.  We’re having 12 people in for a pot luck wine pairing meal and I am doing the main course!  Lobster Newburg.  *!?^$#!

I am off to Bridgewater later today to do some errands.  My food processor died as I was making a dip to take to NB before Christmas. Bah humbug!  And my printer colour cartridges all needed to be changed at the same time, so I need to go to Staples to recycle the old ones and get some paper!  I will say the cartridges do last a long time so I am safe for a while.  Maybe I’ll get a black cartridge. If they have any. I replaced that one several months ago!

Lastly, the storm that wreaked havoc on the New England states and much of Atlantic Canada, missed us completely.  Yesterday, when others were getting snow and ice and high winds and power outages, we had a little rain and the temps were around 7 or 8!  We actually had sunny breaks!  So I say, yes, we do live in the banana belt of Nova Scotia! Smile


lexa said...

Cute scarves! Yesterday was mild, but today sure is different - chilly! I just turned the heat up here at work, I'm frozen.

Landerson said...

We delivered the other scarf and she loved it! The two girls think it's very neat that they have the same scarf. I'll try to get a picture of the two of them with them on. Thanks again. Hope your cold holds off for the big party. Have fun!

Marti said...

Those are some very adorable scarves. I'm having a 'monkey see, monkey knit' moment. I know some little girls that might think those were pretty cool. I did notice the sparkle. Makes them very glam ;)

I am trying my darndest to fight off the flu, but I feel it getting the better of me. Hope you're right as rain for your big shin-dig.

Noreen said...

Love the shades-of-blue scarf! Hope you have fun with the Jacques Cousteau hat...it's a fun quick knit.

Frieda said...

I just love those scarves , so perfect for little girls !!! I can just imagine how much they like dressing up for winter with them . The Infinity scarf is gorgeous too !

I feel for you coming down with a cold right now . Hope the Cold FX helps !I've still got the cough and just feel like c**p in general . I'm really hoping that a few days of peace and quiet after the New Year will remedy that . I plan on having a whopping good time on New Years anyway , come hell or high water !

A Crafty Mom said...

The scarves are gorgeous! I hope everything goes well tonight, wish I was closer so I could have a taste :) Enjoy!

Dorothy said...

The ruffle scarves - think someone at the knitting group here was making one of those. A wide yarn that you knit through it instead of wrapping it around your needle? Hers was really nice.
Happy New Year!

GailM. said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog. I just signed up for Ravelry this week, but I couldn't find where the "help" was on there. I'll have to spend a bit more time there.

Love your infinity scarf. Is it a Mobieus. I saw one this fall and fell in love with it. It's complicated to knit, so that it has the twist...

Anita said...

Love the ruffled scarves. My granddaughters would love them.

Where can I find the pattern for it?

Donna M said...

The pattern for the ruffled scarves can be found on my Ravelry page.



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