06 December 2010

Monday Mishmash and Pattern Reading

Update on my shopping trip to Halifax last Tuesday!  I got a pair of gorgeous shoes at O My Sole.  They fit beautifully and are so comfortable that I wore them to a party Friday where there was singing and dancing going on for hours!  Then I wore them to the city yesterday and shopped for a couple of hours before going out to dinner with John’s brother and his wife and the shoes were just as comfy. I also managed to get a bit of yarn at LK Yarns.  Some blue Miski by Mirasol Yarn to make a cowl and a drop dead gorgeous kit to knit the Dipped Infinity Scarf.  The kit was done up with Tanis Fiber Arts fingering weight yarns and is going to be beautiful!  Lots of other things got done, but those were the highlights!

OK.  So first I finished the knee socks for Reese.  And got them in under the wire for the Sock a Month KAL. 


Then I cast on and knit the Darkside Cowl, which did up in a couple of days.  This is for me to put on under my winter jacket whilst walking the dog on these cold windy days.


Now I was ready to start the Dipped Infinity Scarf.  I was absolutely drooling I so wanted to get going on this scarf.

InfinityScarfDSC03428_edited-1 Infinity scarfcoloursDSC03427_edited-1

With the little bit of free time I had on Saturday, I balled up to skeins and cast on 252 stitches and started the ribbing. ( I really wanted to get this going so I could knit in the car on the way to the city on Sunday.)  As I was knitting I am thinking to myself that I am not going to have enough yarn to knit this according to the pattern instructions.  But, being in a state of denial really keen to get this underway, I continued on until even I could see that this wasn’t going to work.  So I read the instructions again and noticed that it said to start at the dark end, not the pretty turquoise end that I started at.  I then weighed the skeins and realized why. One of the balls at the dark end had twice as much yarn as at the light end. I ripped it out, ( this is knit with 2 strands at once so you know it isn’t easy to do) and on Sunday morning, before we left for Halifax, I cast on 252 more stitches with the right colours!  I knit for over an hour in the car when I remembered that the pattern said to be careful not to twist the yarn when joining it together.  So I checked it once, twice, ten times!  (insert curse words here)  Not only was it twisted once, but get this, three twists!  I ripped it out again.  I was calm.  I then put it away until later today when I can have some quiet time and cast on 252 stitches again, with the right yarn, and make sure there are no twists when I join it together! I still love it and want to knit it.  But here’s a warning, do NOT mess with me again.  Everybody should play nicely together until this is finished! Agreed?!

With the Christmas party season well under way, we have been out straight for several days and are looking forward to our visit in Ottawa!  We fly in on Thursday and home again Sunday evening, so we will have lots of time with the kids and still get some errands done!  I have an appointment at the Apple Store to have my iPhone looked at and am hoping they can fix the crack in my screen. Sad smile 
Although I am eligible for an iPhone 4 upgrade, it does mean signing a contract again and I realllllllllly don’t want that!

Finally, a little bit of history.  This is a picture of me and my dear friend Robin, who I have been friends with since we were wee little things.  He is literally my oldest friend in the world.  The picture was taken at Hunts Point Beach, which is the community we both live in now! It’s the old what goes around, comes around thing.

Weren’t we just the cutest things?

Next post: Ottawa grandkid pics!


Marti said...

Ooooh, I love the scarf. Thinking I might like to do that one too, although it looks like quite a pricey one with all that yarn. Looking forward to seeing the progress :)

Great picture too :)

lexa said...

Too bad about the scarf troubles. Hopefully it'll work out this time!

My mojo has been seriously lacking this past week, I don't know if or how I can get the things finished that I wanted to make for Christmas. It wasn't much or anything big, but I may have to rethink what I'm doing. (I've got an infection that I'm going to get lanced this morning - finally! - which has been causing severe pain and distress since last Thursday. So I haven't been doing much of anything and had to take yesterday and today off work.)

Have a fun trip with the chitlins! Love the pic, and yes, you two were cute!


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