08 December 2010

Christmas Comes Early

Remember the little knee socks I was knitting for Reese and rushing to try to make it in time to qualify for the Sock a Month KAL?  Well guess what?  I won!  My number was drawn!  I am now the proud owner of Dream in Colour Smooshy, colourway Spring Tide!  And how much do I love this colour?!  Tons!

Dream in Colour smooshy

Is it obvious to everyone that I never hardly ever win anything?!  Smile


lexa said...

Congratulations! That's my kinda color. Interested to see what you'll make with it. :)

Marti said...

Gotta love little surprises like that :) Congrats :)

Frieda said...

Congrats , gorgeous yarn ! You deserve a win !


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