29 November 2010

What? Monday again? Already?

Where is the time going?  I seem to be on the go constantly and getting nowhere at the same time. How can that be?  It must be the whole Christmas is on the way thing, and if I ignore it, it won’t get here until I am ready!  Not!

I am making progress on my Christmas knitting though. Here is another Clapotis scarf that I knit for a friend of mine.  It is in Tanis Silver Label Mulberry Silk and is simply gorgeous to work with.  As is the finished project:


The second picture is just there to give a truer colour.  For some reason they all seem to come out bluish, when in fact it is more on the purplish side.  Anyway, done! 

Secondly are the knee socks I have been knitting for Miss Reese.  I finished one and am just past the cuff on the second one.  My goal is to finish them by Wednesday so I can at least qualify for the Sock A Month KAL this month.


My other 3 KALs were a no show for me for November.  Next month I will be able to do some sock knitting and whatever else I may come up with.  I am thinking a warm cosy cowl for my neck whilst walking the dogs this winter.  Not sure if I have suitable yarn, but I am sure a yarn shop could be in my future tomorrow.  I am going to the city to do what little Christmas shopping I have to do and look for a pair of shoes.  (I hate shoe shopping, I take a 10 wide and everyone looks at me like I have 2 heads when I ask for that size! “What? You actually think we have that size this time of year?” Silly woman! )  But hope springs eternal and I will go convinced that I will be bringing home a new pair of shoes!  And maybe even a bright shiny sweater to wear over the Christmas season!  Who knows?

We are getting ready to fly to Ottawa to visit Shannon and her family next weekend.  It will be so great to see the little ones again, and their parents of course.  Where we only see them a few times a year, we notice such big changes in them every time.  Pete is in hockey for example!  Little Pete.  I can’t wait to see him in his gear!  We are going to watch one of his practices!  Fun!!  And then for Christmas we will spend a few days with Lauren and her family, so we will get our dose of grandkids this month!

I must go and knit.  And knit some more!  Oh yes, and get my flu shot this afternoon!  Over and out…………


Heddy said...

Pretty Clapotis!

Re:Shoes - Do you ever go to Oh My Sole, on Kempt, I think? They gave nice shoes, and seem to specialize in shoes that can fit orthotics - often the wide widths, so I think they have everytyhing! I buy all my shoes there! Dansos are wonderful! I am an 8.5 C, so find it hard to get a half size and also to get a hald size that is wide - nearly impossible - but they always have several choices :)

Have fun visiting the grandkids :)

lexa said...

Pete in hockey! My, oh, my. Have a fun trip! It must suck in a way them not being closer to you so you could see them more often.

Love the socks and the clapotis. :)

Frieda said...

Both knits are beautiful ! You can make the deadline for the KAL , piece of cake...

Enjoy the visit with the family !Looking forward to new pics .


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