18 December 2010

Christmas Time in Ottawa

This has just been the busiest December I can remember in a long time!  Seems we are constantly on the go with parties, visits, shopping etc. But I finally had a few minutes to download some pictures from our visit to Ottawa last week and so here they are:

Pete and Rudy checking out traffic on the street.


David just being David!


Leah proving she can put a whole chocolate ball in her mouth.  Also demonstrating the black eye she got an hour before we arrived in Ottawa!


Next we have Pete & Leah bonding with Rudy:


Quiet time!  In a house with 3 small children, you don’t see this very often! Smile

Quiet TimeDSC03469_edited-1

This is a picture of my niece Amy with Leah.  Leah is so much like Amy it isn’t even funny.  Same mannerisms, everything.  So we are guessing that Leah might look like this when she is all grown up.


And finally, the Christmas tree which we picked out on Saturday and then decorated on Sunday.  We aren’t going to have a tree this year as we are going to Lauren’s for the holiday, so it was great fun to get to do this with Shannon’s family!



lexa said...

Looks like it was lots of fun! Boy, you sure can tell that Shan's kids are all siblings if you didn't know it - they all look so much alike!

Marti said...

Cute cute and cute :) Looks like a good time :) Have a good Christmas.

Barbara from Nova Scotia said...

They're all growing so fast!! Was the black eye an accident or did the boys have something to do with it??

Frieda said...

Beautiful photos of abeautiful family ! Looks like you had a good time with them .

Wishing you and yours a Merry Christmas !


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