23 November 2010

8 Pair, Finally Felted

and ready to be needle-felted.  Not all of them.  Not the men's clogs.  Somehow I think the men will be happy with just the clogs.  So that takes it down to 5 pair.  And I may not do the child's pair.  The colours alone make that one funky enough, IMHO!  They are the cute pair in the middle.


I spent much of yesterday felting these clogs,  I don't like to throw too many in together and get dark woolly bits over light coloured clogs and vice versa.  So I did them in two loads.  And then of course there is the whole issue of trying to get them the right size!   I need a 7, or a 7 1/2.  A 10, an 11.  Well, you get the idea.  So they are all felted to size the best I could do with only my feet for sizing purposes!

So today I needle-felt and then I am finished with the clogs for a while!  I am totally not artistic, so my artwork is pretty basic, but it does perk up the clogs and makes them look pretty darn impressive!

In other knitting news, I am working on another Clapotis scarf with some gorgeous purplish Tanis Fiber Arts Silver Label Mulberry Silk.  I’m not quite halfway through my skein of yarn and I have 36 inches done, so it will be lovely and long!


The colour is not quite right.  There is more of a purple with bluish tones than this is showing.  And of course it will look 100% better when it is soaked and blocked!

And lastly, my brain-dead, car knitting, the little pair of knee socks for Miss Reese:ReeseKSDSC03412

I am on the heel flap, so the rest should go pretty quickly.  It is the 9 inch leg that takes up so much time!  Hopefully I will have enough yarn to get both socks out of one skein.  I will weigh them when I am done so I will know for sure.  They will be really cute when they are finally finished and I am sure she will love them!

As for my Bubbles Scarf, that will have to be on hold until after Christmas.  Just too darn much to do.  And yes, I said the “C” word.  I absolutely cannot believe how fast the time is flying by and it will be here before I know it! Must get knitting, must get knitting…………..

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lexa said...

Everything is looking good! I take it that was you on Saturday who put that big dent in the Classic Wool, lol. I still have to make myself a new pair of clogs and probably at least two more pairs in the very near future. But I have to take a break enough to finish up some socks I've had on the needles for way too long. And there are a couple of small things I have to knock off for Christmas... Oy! Not enough time!!


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