04 November 2010

My How Time Flies

When you are having fun, or just plain busy and not in the blogging mood.  I received an email yesterday from a friend inquiring about my lack of blogging and wondering if all was well here in our little part of the world.  Yes, it is. I sometimes just don’t realize how long it has been since my last confession blog post. ( Whoops! that’s the RC coming out in me!)

The main reason is that I haven’t finished going through the rest of our Italy pictures yet and the guilt has kept me from posting.  I had in my mind, no post until the pictures are done!  Soon though. 

I have been busy knitting for Christmas.  I sent a letter out to family asking for any slipper requests this year and got a total order for 8 new pairs of felted clogs! So I have been busy doing those.  I have 4 ladies pairs done, 1 men’s slipper done, and I need to finish that pair and 2 more men’s pairs and 1 child’s size 1 pair. ClogsunfeltedDSC03396

Next up is another Christmas gift which has not been started because I am waiting for the yarn to come in at Have A Yarn.  Heather ordered it a couple of weeks ago, but still not here yet! 

The Bubbles scarf is coming along slowly. I do love it, but I have to seriously concentrate on it, especially in the areas where the bubbles go.  I don’t think I am dyslexic, but there are some things I just don’t seem to be able to do.  And figuring out how to start and finish each bubble so that it is right on both sides is one of those annoying little things that I just can’t seem to get in my head! Grrrrr!And there are lots of bubbles.  So that may not get finished until next winter!

Bubbles 11DSC03391Bubbles22DSC03390_edited-1

I also started a pair of striped knee socks for Miss Reese. Haven’t got very far on those either.


Apparently I do much better working on one project at a time.  Right now I have three on the go, one waiting for the yarn to come and another sock that I want to knit for my KALs.  I don’t know how other people can have so many projects on the go at one time and ever get any of them finished.  I think that must be what they call “startitis”.  You get all excited about starting a new project, and it just goes from there.  I think I need to get some finishitis!  Smile Hey!  This Windows Live Writer program just put in the little happy face for me! Cool! Now let’s try a sad Sad smile face! Yes!  Ok! I am officially happy now! I love this program for doing my blog!

I ordered the new Cookie A sock book, called Knit. Sock. Love.  I also got the pdf version, so I can browse through it on my iPad until the hard copy is out later this month!  So many socks, so little time to knit them.

That’s a bit of an update. Hopefully by the next post I will have the rest of our Italy trip pictures ready!


lexa said...

I don't like to have too many projects on the go, seems like nothing gets done. I have two more pairs of clogs to make for my six-pair order, I need new ones for me and for the Oldest One, and then I'll see how many other pairs need making! At least they knit up quickly. :)

Looking forward to more Italy pictures.

Anonymous said...

I am the queen of startitis - but I have been trying to get some of the projects out of the UFO basket ...I like 2 or 3 on the go at once, so there is always something for whatever situation I am in, and so I am not bored.

Beautiful slippers! Love the bright cheery colours ... you are so far ahead on your Christmas knitting :) Lucky you (i've been knitting and giving it away, and haven't held back anything for Christmas ... not good!)


P.S - my word verification is "Zatchic" ... as in who is Zat chic? LOL!


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