19 October 2010

Yay! An FO

Just a quick post to let you know that yes, I am still knitting. And to prove it, here is a finished pair of socks:

These socks are called Journey and I quite loved the pattern. Not the yarn so much. This is from the Rockin' Sock Club, STR lightweight (it felt like medium to me) and the yarn bled terribly. All over both hands! Every time I picked them up to knit I had black smudges and a thick stripe across my throwing finger. And it even felt grungy. So no, not my favourite yarn. Now, because of this one bleeding skein of STR, I am totally off the whole company and probably will not buy any more of their yarn. I got the yarn because I joined their sock club, where you get a surprise skein of yarn and two patterns every other month for a total of 6 times. All the yarns except this one were variegated and I am not a fan of variegated yarn, so I this has not been a fun club for me.

But, being ever optimistic, I have joined another yarn of the month club for 2011, this time by one of my favourite dyers, Tanis Fiber Arts and am quite looking forward to it!

I am still working on the bubbles scarf, but that for me is not social knitting, It requires toooo much concentration. And now is also the time of year when I go into felted clogs mode, so I have started a pair of those for Lauren. I will send out the family letter in a day or so, to see who, if anyone wants any more for this winter!

Too many projects, too little time!


lexa said...

You know my story about the STR and the bleeding, I know how you feel. I'm hoping that since the other skeins I have are light colors I won't have a problem.

The order I had for five pairs of felted slippers got increased to six pairs, plus I need to make the Oldest One a new pair, and I'd like to have a new pair, too, since the backs are gone in mine.

Frieda said...

Love those socks ! Those are in my queue , just don't know when I'll get to them ...


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