07 November 2010

Bring On the Ark!

I just checked our weather forecast for next week and it was pretty dismal looking. On top of the 3 full days of pouring down rain we have already had, we are expecting rain for the next 5 days.

Nov. 8
Nov. 9
Nov. 10
Nov. 11
Nov. 12

The poor dogs are always damp, as are my jeans and raincoat! We were getting used to nice weather ( lovely spring, wonderful summer, and pretty good fall up to now) and I fear the worst. People will whine and complain, become depressed, resort to dire measures. How quickly we forget that this is our normal weather and we should just be grateful for the great weather we have had in the past year!

We have had a busy weekend so far. Dinner out with friends for two evenings, which was great fun. Last night was a pot luck and I made this amazing spread, Arugula and Gorgonzola spread that was absolutely delicious! And easy, just throw all the ingredients in the food processor and voila! It makes a huge amount, and as I have leftovers, I am thinking we should have people in soon to finish it off! Today being Sunday, will be a day of rest and of knitting.

I am still slogging away on the slippers. I can do them so much quicker if I just do them all at once. I pretty much have the pattern memorized and can knit them up pretty fast. The men’s pairs take longer, but I can see the light at the end of the tunnel now!

As I mentioned in my last post, I am not one of those people who cope well with WIPs ( works in progress to the uninitiated) so my goal is to finish my current projects. Except for the Bubbles scarf which I will piddle at over the next few months. I will not cast on a new pair of socks. I will not cast on a new pair of socks. I will not cast on a new pair of socks.

Well, maybe just one pair……………….. but no more till my WIPs are all FOs!


Heddy said...

This weather is crappy - and I think that ever! I wish we could skip the rain, but it is in the cards :)

Dreary weather makes me want to knit something cheery ... so I started soemothing new (inspired by your cheery clogs, I am knitting slippers!).

Have a fun day ... and I bet the new socks will be a pretty shade of blue ;)

lexa said...

This rain is ridiculous. I feel sorry for anyone who gets flooded basements. The dogs won't go out. Jewel didn't go out to pee yesterday til 6pm. Maggie did go out this morning, and Jewel went out quickly, too. They'll go to the door, but once I open it, and they see rain, they turn and walk away.

I'm still working on slippers, too. Got the bottom soles to do on the last mens pair, and I have one large ladies pair left to make. Then I have to felt the two mens pairs and the last ladies pair. But it doesn't stop there - my slippers are now coming apart around the toes. I still have to make myself and the Oldest One a pair. I must admit, though, I'm itching to work on other things.


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