02 September 2010


* You keep spare bottles of freon in your car.

* You buy sun block by the case.

* You start bonding with your air conditioner.

* Your electric bill is higher than your house payments.

* You start putting ice cubes in your water bed.

* You start buying stock in Gatorade.

* You keep your refrigerator open just to feel the cool air.

* You keep humming the song heat wave to your self.

* You cancel your Hotmail account because you didn't like the name of it.

* You get a life long pass to White Water.

* Your dream house is any house in Alaska.

* Your not even sure how hot it is because your heat thermometer only goes up to 120.

Trying for a little hot humour here, but it’s not working.

I am so freaking hot and sweaty and cranky that it is not even funny.  I cannot tolerate this heat.  We have no AC in our house. Just fans that move hot air around.  30+ degrees C is too freaking hot in or out.  And that is what the temps have been not allowing for the freaking humidity!  I can’t sleep.  i don’t want to eat!  I can’t even knit!!  I sit in front of the fan and play sudoku on my iPad and watch tennis.  And when I get too hot and seriously think I am going to melt, I get in my car with my dogs and go for a drive.

And then just too add to the unpleasantness, my head and sinus cold developed into a raging chest infection so now I am on antibiotics and an inhaler.  The chest infection is clearing up nicely, but I still have the sinus issue. Being sick in this heat is totally horrid.

On the good news side, we are supposed to be in the path of Tropical storm/hurricane Earl to hit SW Nova Scotia  on Saturday. Hopefully that will break the heat.  Have I mentioned that I can’t bear the humidity and heat?

At this point, all I have left to say is:

There really are no funny hot jokes.


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lexa said...

I can't stand this heat, either. We have an air conditioner in our bedroom, that's it, so everyone piles in there. Our house is like an oven, it gets insanely hot in here. Last night when we got home at 6 my hall thermostat said 32C! We went to Beach Meadows yesterday, but it wasn't much cooler there than town, but at least you can jump in the ocean to cool off. We're headed there again shortly. I take my knitting, that's usually what I do while the kids play, but yesterday it was too hot. I just sat in the sun and went in the water whenever it got too hot to bear!

By the look of the forecast once Earl hits on Saturday temps are supposed to drop to the low 20s.


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