29 August 2010

The Party is Over!

The party is over and the cleaning up and putting away is all done.  The general consensus is that it was a huge success.  Not that I am bragging or anything, just going by email and phone call comments.

The weather was perfect, sunny but comfortable outside. There were lots of nibbles, wine and beer.  There was music and dancing and some loud singing out on the deck. (Apologies to our neighbours but it did settle down once the dinner was served.)  Dinner consisted of cold baked salmon, warm barbecued chicken breasts and thighs, an amazing potato salad, curried tomatoes, tabouli and Asian salad.  And for dessert, cupcakes from our local bakery! There were cards and jokes and great conversations.  And new friends to mix and mingle with old friends!  All in all, a great evening!  (Despite me still having the head cold from hell!)

We have great friends and several pitched in to help clean up during the evening. And we appreciated it!!  Saturday and Sunday we will be eating leftovers, that’s after having shared some with friends already!  If anyone needs any cupcakes, we have loads left over.  I think the bakery lady doubled my order so we got 60 instead of 30 cupcakes!  They were delicious but will be going in the freezer if I can’t give them away!  And then there are the spiral appetizers that I got from M&M and totally forgot about in the back porch fridge.  Still there Saturday morning!  Appetizers anyone?

We picked the dogs up from the boarders on Saturday noon.  That was probably the best thing we did for the party.  Boarding the dogs instead of leaving them in their pen where they would have barked and yapped and howled and basically driven everyone crazy.  I then put all the dishes, platters, utensils, etc away and we are now back to order.

Monday the US Open starts and is on for two weeks. So I will be able to get back to knitting again.  I want to finish the pair of socks for my great niece and then get started on the Bubbles Scarf by Lucy Neatby!  And I need to come up with project(s) to take on our trip to Italy in September!  Life is seldom boring at our house!  :))

Also in the sports category, as the pennant race for baseball is in full swing and my Toronto Blue Jays aren’t in contention, I will be hoping for my backup team:


And last but by no means least, my birthday present:

What is in that black case with the apple on it, you might ask?iPadcaseDSC03196_edited-1

Why an iPad of course!  And I LOVE IT!



lexa said...

OMG - If you see a big, white Peterbilt with a moose bumper and Day&Ross stickers get out of the way! If Hubs sees that Yankees emblem he'll run you over, lol! He's a die hard Sox fan and totally, totally, TOTALLY despises the Yanks, lol!

I work today and tomorrow if you are around town and want to unload a few cupcakes. The boys never turn down cupcakes, lol.

Glad your party was a success!

Frieda said...

Now that sounds like a party ! Glad to hear that all went well and that you were feeling better .

The socks from the previous post are beautiful , especially love the colours of the grandson socks !Lucky guy !

I"m curious about the ipad , do you have to have cell phone service to use it . What do you use it for , reading , internet and how does it rate compared to a laptop ?


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