06 September 2010

Monday Morning Mishmash

Today may be Labour Day, but I still have lots of things to do. Laundry, beds, and hopefully some knitting whilst I watch the US Open. Go Roger!

The heat spell that gave us temps in the low 30s is gone and we are now having normal for this time of year temperatures!  It’s wonderful. Earl passed through quite quickly on Saturday and left some downed branches and we lost power for about an hour, but otherwise, rather ho hum!  Basically a non event!

So now if I could get rid of this horrid cold, I would be a happy camper.  This is day 17 and despite the regime of antibiotics, I am still blowing and coughing.  I would really like this to be gone when we leave for Italy next week. Please!  Whoever is in charge, please!?

Between my cold and the  overwhelming heat wave, not much has been knit or blogged this last week or so. It was just so darned hot and humid that I couldn’t bear to hold the needles or the yarn!  I am still working on the socks for my niece in Ottawa but have no pictures yet.  Also trying to think about projects to take to Italy with me.  Long plane rides and waits in airports will be much more tolerable if I have my knitting.

I am planning to take my iPhone and my iPad and no laptop with us on our trip.  We will see how that goes.  I hope to be able to post some pictures of our trip whilst we are away.  It is a little bit more involved with the iPad, but definitely doable!  There are lots of apps you can get to help and I may get the one that lets you do blog posts.  I can check out everything on Safari, but it won’t let me add comments or do a blog post there.  I need to go to a blogging app to write a post and to add pictures!  We will see!

In other news, our Airedale Maggie was quite sick last weekend and had to go to the vet and stay overnight to be checked out.  She started vomiting Saturday evening and vomited all night and the next morning, wouldn’t eat or drink. and hadn’t had a poop for 24 hours.  So of course we are thinking bowel obstruction.  Many x-rays, blood work, and big bucks later, it turned out that she had a raging gastritis and would be fine.  They felt she had gotten into something that had a lot of sodium chloride and really irritated her stomach.  (We have no idea what it could have been, so I am going to check with the boarder.  She was there overnight on Friday and we picked them up around noon on Saturday.) She is totally back to normal and fine now. 

That would just about wrap things up here.  Really not much to write about when you spent the week in front of a fan feeling horrid!

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lexa said...

The weather is so much nicer now! We didn't lose power but had major light flickering. I lost a big branch off of one of my trees, I'll have pictures in a blog post once I transfer them from the camera. The lady two houses up from me lost a tree, and a lady across the road lost a humungous branch off of one of her trees.

Glad Mags didn't have anything too serious!


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