19 September 2010

Under the Tuscan Sun

One thing you should know about John and I, sometime, when we travel we get lost. Actually, a lot of the time we get lost. So it should come as no surprise that traveling in Italy we got lost. More than once. I of course, am navigating whilst John drives. The names of the different communities all look the same and it is very confusing. The Italians do drive like maniacs and there is no keeping up. Someone is always tailgating you! So John is doing his Mario Andretti imitation as he takes hairpin turns going up and down and around corners! (Did I mention that I get motion sick?) Well I do. Next time before we plan a trip, I am going to check out the geography first and make sure it is a flat country.

So here we are in Italy, lost, we can't read the signs, we don't speak the language and my pathetic little Italian app on my iPhone is virtually useless. But guess what? We are seeing lots of the Tuscany area and seeing wonderful sights. We meet really nice people and are having a wonderful time. We're eating great Italian food and partaking of the occasional glass of wine. I'm not going to do a list of where we went and did. Too boring. Highlights: the Leaning Tower of Pisa, Pinnochio's birthplace, several ancient hilltop towns and of course, vineyards.

I took lots of pics but can't post them using my iPad. (One downside of only taking that and not my laptop. I also managed to screw up my email program so I can't get my mail). Totally annoying.

Anyway, to continue:
The fact is that we've seen a lot of the Tuscany area and hope to leave our farm a few days early and go to Florence, which would be wonderful! We're going to talk to our landlord tomorrow.

Until next time.

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Landerson said...

Sounds lovely....minus the car sickness:( The language barrier must be frustrating and not helping the lack of sense of directions. Tell Mario I said hello!


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