24 September 2010

Continuing on......

Well, I have to tell you, nothing is easy here in Italy. We continue to travel around, this time in the Chianti area. We continue to get where we want to go, see what we want to see and occasionally get lost. So we end up seeing a LOT of places we didn't plan on. The roads continue to be winding with sharp curves and I continue to get motion sick. I also continue to wear the sea sick bands, figuring they must be helping some, right?

Tomorrow we return the car to the Rome airport, where we will have to account for a few scrapes (caused by others) and the dent in the rear fender where John had an encounter with the cement base of a lamp post!! So we spent last evening on the phone with insurance people getting that sorted. At least in Rome we won't have to drive. :))

And just to top it off, John's back, which was a bit sore when we left home, has turned into a full fledged issue of spasms and excruciating pain. After the insurance calls, I then spent time on the phone with our medical insurance people. There has been miscommunication, language issues here and we still haven't seen a doctor yet! Very frustrating and annoying. They keep saying one will come to our room, or at least I think that's what they are saying. Oops, phone just rang. The Italian insurance rep just called to say a doctor will be in our room at 4 o'clock. Just 5 more hours. Hopefully we will get meds and John will sleep tonight.

For the record, despite how pitiful this post sounds, up until late yesterday we have been having a great time. I am not getting a lot of knitting done.... that whole motion sickness thing killed all hopes of car knitting. :(( But good food and wine (beer for me), continue to be enjoyed.

And so we continue on to Rome. Arrivederci!


lexa said...

I hope John got something from the doctor to help his back or at least be able to sleep. I've got a bad back, too, and I know it's no fun. And I guess I can mark Italy as questionable for me if I plan a trip - I get motion sick very easily, I'd have my head in a bucket the whole time if the roads are that twisty! lol! Best to leave those seasick bands on - maybe without them it would be a whole lot worse.

Have fun in Rome!

Frieda said...

Oh no , sorry to hear about all these problems . Hope you can get everything sorted out with the insurance and that the doctor shows up as promised . It's no fun being in constant pain.

Keeping fingers crossed all will be well and you can enjoy your stay in Rome !


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