13 September 2010

Look Out Italy, Here We Come!

Cold and all. Yes I still have the cold. I got better when I first went on the antibiotics and figured I had turned the corner.  But I haven’t improved any since then.  Still coughing and blowing.   I think I will try to see my doctor again before we go just to make sure I don’t need another antibiotic.  Really don’t want to get sick over there.

I have finalized all my travel knitting projects…. one pair of socks, one scarf and a toque for John.  The last two being brain dead knitting for the car. Hmmmm, maybe I better throw another skein of sock wool in there just to be on the safe side!  I have picked out the yarn and loaded the patterns on my iPad.  So as far as knitting is concerned, I’m good to go.

I also set my DVR to record all the season openers and new shows for when we are away.  Not sure if it can hold I the shows I want, but hope it will.  I really hate missing the season opener when there has been a cliff-hanger ending, as several of my shows did!

The dogs are being looked after again by my housekeeper. She moves in here for the time we are away so they can keep staying in familiar territory and have their same routines!  And she gets up earlier in the morning than we do, so they really like that!

Now what to wear.  The weather is warmer there than here during the day, but cool at night and so I really feel that I need to pack both summer and fall clothes.  Long pants, capri pants, short sleeved tops, sweaters, shoes, sandals, sneakers and a jacket.  Plus all the personal stuff.  I guess I will have a practise pack later today to see if it will all go in!  That is the part I like least about traveling.  Packing. And of course all the flying.  Once we’re there it will be great, but it’s a hassle getting there!

On the US Open front, my Roger lost to Novak Djokovic in five sets.  I didn’t see the end of the match as we were out to dinner with friends, but I do understand that Novak played really well and deserved the win.  And of course the final last night was cancelled due to rain, so I will be able to watch it tonight.  Pretty sure Nadal is going to put a beating on him, but with Novak getting the day's rest, who knows?

Lastly, a knitting update: The Mock Cable socks for my niece in Ottawa are ready to go in the mail.  I hope they fit her. I knit a ladies small and she is a growing girl, so I figure if they are too big, she will grow into them!


These are the Par 5 socks I am knitting out of chocolate Malabrigo.  I didn’t think the pattern was going to show up on the brown socks, but voila!

Looking good if I do say so myself!

Whilst we are travelling, I will be taking my iPad instead of the laptop.  My intention is to be able to blog and post some pictures, but it is a little more difficult on the iPad, so we will have to wait and see. (I can get email, surf the net etc with it, which are the main things.)  If not, have a great two weeks and I’ll have lots of pictures when we get back home!


Frieda said...

Have a wonderful trip ! From what I hear this is a terrific time of year to go to Italy . Looking forward to seeing some posts with photos . Take care and hope that cold will disappear !

BTW , both socks are beautiful , but my , oh my , those purple ones are outstanding ! Love the colour !

lexa said...

Have a good trip! You should take an extra skein of sock yarn, just in case. Love the finished socks, and the Par 5s are looking good in that color.

One of my shows started last week apparently. I didn't know til a friend on Facebook told me today, so I had to go on YouTube and watch it. Then I checked on two of the other shows I watch, one has been cancelled, surprise, surprise, and the other starts the 24th.

Liz said...

Love the socks, as always, and look forward to Knit Nite when you return.
Hope you feel better, soon. You and John have a wonderful time!

Golf group supper at our house when you get back! Date pending.


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